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Authority Control Interest Group

Sunday, January 26, 2014
1:00 pm to 5:30 pm, US/Eastern

Please join us at ALA Midwinter in Philadelphia for the following presentations on authority control. We are all wondering what happens to authority control in the new world of BIBFRAME, as well as what is going on in current authority control projects, and our speakers will be addressing these topics. The presentations will go until about 3pm, with a Q&A to follow after the speakers. An open business meeting will follow that all are invited to attend.

Janis L. Young (Senior Cataloging Policy Specialist, Policy and Standards Division (PSD)) will be giving her regular semi-annual report from Library of Congress, including updates on authorities projects, staffing changes at Library of Congress, and updates to tables and documentation.

Kevin Ford (Library of Congress) will be providing a high-level introduction to BIBFRAME Authorities and how their role and design within the larger BIBFRAME Model will position them as valuable entry points to a library's resources (that is, a library's catalog), particularly so that patrons will better be able to find, identify, and contextualize entities such as people and topics.

Philip Schreur (Stanford): Authorities are as critical in a non-MARC environment as they are in our traditional ILS yet the mechanisms to implement authority control are vastly different. Stanford has been interested in extending authority control to its digital repository for the past few years and is now experimenting with the BIBFRAME light abstraction layer in its own environment. His talk will focus on identifying the primary issues of authority control in our non-MARC environment, what we have done to address them, and what the implications are for the future.

Judy Ahronheim (University of Michigan) will describe how data contributed to authority records is helping HathiTrust identify public domain works and make them available to users worldwide.

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