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Preservation Administrators Interest Group

Saturday, January 25, 2014
8:30 am to 11:30 am, US/Eastern

The Preservation Administrators Interest Group will meet in Pennsylvania Convention Center 103B.

8:30-8:35: Welcome

8:35-9:00 “Preserving History, Influencing the Future: Recovering Liberia’s National Documents” Jacob Nadal, Executive Director, ReCap

This presentation will recount 8 years of preservation efforts that supported “Freedom of Information: Preserving History, Influencing the Future”, an exhibit to mark 10 years of peace in Liberia, and celebrate Liberia’s Freedom of Information Act and International Right to Know Day. The centerpieces of this exhibit were Liberia’s original Constitution and Declaration of Independence, recently recovered after being presumed lost for decades, and put on public view for the first time in living memory. The presentation will evaluate the series of events, both accidental and deliberate, the led to the survival and loss of Liberian documents in the civil war and post-war years, describe the strategies in use to recover from a major conflict, and end with a look at the specific choices made in exhibiting some of Liberia’s great national documents.

9:00-9:15: “Preservation Statistics Survey: Some Results & What's New in 2014"

Annie Peterson, Preservation Librarian, Tulane University

The Preservation Statistics Survey debuted in 2013, and collected data from cultural heritage institutions on administration, activities, budget, and other aspects of preservation. The survey was revamped for 2014, and released on January 20th. Results of the fiscal year 2012 survey will be briefly covered, followed by highlights of the changes made for the FY2013 survey. A more thorough discussion on preservation statistics will take place at the PARS forum on Sunday, January 23rd, in Pennsylvania Convention Center 120A, 4:30-5:30pm.


9:15-9:30: “Complete This Phrase: TIFF Is To Images, As Broadcast Wave Is To Sound, As WHAT? Is To Video:  A Brief Report From The MXF AS-07 Standards Committee”

George Blood, Owner, George Blood Audio and Video

Digital preservation is greatly facilitated by the creation, use and adoption of standards. Communication throughout the community and with vendors is simplified, and costs fall, when a standard is widely adopted. Wide adoption enhances interoperability and ease of exchange between users and systems.  It also simplifies the preservation process. From MARC and AACR2, to RDA, XML and METS, standards enable information exchange and functionality. Over time, uncompressed TIFF has been adopted as the preservation standard for images, broadcast wave for sound files, and DPX for film.  Now a standards committee is writing the specification for a proposed universal standard wrapper for the preservation of video files. This presentation will be a brief introduction to file wrappers for time-based media. We’ll then compare MXF with other wrappers and will provide a report on the progress of the MXF AS-07 Working Group.


9:30-10:00: “Developing a Unified Preservation Strategy: Moving Beyond the Digital/Analog Divide”

Kara McClurken, Head of Preservation Services, University of Virginia Libraries 

In many institutions, preservation practices and strategies differ depending on the type of material to be preserved.  Responsibilities for digital and analog preservation may be located in completely separate units.  At the University of Virginia Library, stakeholders from across the Library have been working on uniting preservation strategies and priorities so that our most important content, regardless of format, is appropriately resourced.  Kara McClurken will discuss how U.Va. is moving beyond the digital/analog preservation divide through a unified preservation philosophy, a preservation assessment template, and assigned levels of preservation action that will determine needs and priorities across collections and formats.


10:00-10:10: Break


10:10-10:40: “Selection for Preservation and Conservation in a Changing Academic Library Environment”

Jennifer Hain Teper, Head of Conservation and Preservation Units, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

William Schlaack, Preservation Graduate Assistant, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 

The growing popularity of share print repositories as well as the gradual acceptance of digitization as a preservation methodology has changed our field’s methods of selection and prioritization in many ways. Under the all too common pressure to do more with less, the University of Illinois is actively seeking ways to focus our staff towards the support of special and lesser-held materials, while shifting away from more widely held general collections materials. Our presentation will review our attempt to integrate the availability of shared access and holdings data to better inform current preservation and conservation decision making in light of widely available digital surrogacy and shared holdings.


10:40-10:55: PARS Update

Becky Ryder, Director of Library, Keeneland Association Inc

News from ALCTS and PARS;  and a review of the issues regarding Midwinter meetings vis-à-vis the PARS community.


10:55-11:10: Library of Congress Update

Mark Sweeney, Director of Preservation, Library of Congress


11:10-11:15: New Members Task Force Update

Julie Mosbo, William and Susan Ouren Preservation Librarian, Texas A&M University


11:15-11:20: Update from the Committee on Libraries, Archives, and Museums

Danielle Plumer, ALA co-chair, Joint SAA-ALA-AAM Committee on Archives, Libraries, and Museums (CALM)


11:20-11:30: Announcements


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