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Catalog Management Interest Group

Saturday, January 25, 2014
1:00 pm to 2:30 pm, US/Eastern

“RDA Implementation--Catalog and Display Issues” presented by Roman Panchyshyn, Catalog Librarian and Assistant Professor, at Kent State University Libraries.

This presentation reviews issues librarians and system administrators need to consider, with regards to their local catalog, when dealing with RDA implementation. We will look at changes and adjustments that libraries need to consider making to their catalogs to effectively handle RDA and RDA hybrid MARC records. We will also look at RDA display issues and their impact on patron displays. In addition, we will share a simple but effective display option that Kent State University Libraries and OhioLINK have proposed to their catalog vendor to resolve the problem of the disappearing General Material Designation (GMD) for patrons.

“Transitioning to a 21st Century “Catalog”: Challenges and Successes” presented by Richard Sapon-White, Head of Cataloging and Metadata Services, Oregon State University.

Members of the Orbis Cascade Alliance are currently transitioning from their local integrated library systems to a new, single system that will function as both a local and a union catalog. As part of this multiyear project, member libraries will complete a number of catalog maintenance tasks in advance of the cutover to the new system including: eliminating duplicate 001 fields; removing subfield delimiters from 007 fields; resolving multiple item records attached to a single bibliographic record when items are in the same location but have different call numbers; ensuring that all bibliographic records have an 003 field with “(OCoLC)” only; performing an OCLC reclamation project.

“Managing Bibliographic and Descriptive Metadata for HathiTrust” presented by Jonathan E. Rothman, Head, Library Systems Office, University of Michigan University Library.

This presentation will focus on how and when HathiTrust obtains bibliographic metadata from partner institutions, the underlying assumption that the definitive bibliographic record resides in partner's own catalogs and/or WorldCat, and some of the issues, challenges and processes involved in managing metadata that is created and maintained by a distributed set of diverse institutions.

The presentations and related discussion will be followed by a short business meeting.

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