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Cataloging and Classification Research Interest Group

Sunday, January 26, 2014
10:30 am to 11:30 am, US/Eastern

In this year's meeting, the CaMMS Cataloging and Classification Research IG offers three presentations and discussions of research and projects focused on the use of Linked Data in libraries and cataloging in RDA environment. Semantic mapping, RDA rule 1.7.1, crowdsourcing authorities, and the Linked Open Data environment are some of the topics that will be featured in this meeting.

"RDA Transcribing TOC," presented by Peter Spyers-Duran, Associate Librarian, University of Central Florida Libraries.
Recent changes in descriptive cataloging rules, such as RDA rule 1.7.1 on transcription has given catalogers the freedom to “Accept data without modification if: a) using a description created by another agency, or b) using data derived from a digital source of information by automated scanning, copying, or downloading process.” Given the current landscape, a librarian from the University of Central Florida Libraries has begun copying and pasting summary statements and/or TOC from publishers’ websites as standard practice when creating original or upgrading existing bibliographic records. This presentation describes the workflow, including: time, cost, problems, solutions, and the potential of scaling up the workflow to include staff doing copy cataloging.

"Building Authorities with Crowdsourced and Linked Open Data in ProMusicDB," presented by Kimmy Szeto, Assistant Professor/Metadata Librarian, Baruch College, City University of New York and Christy Crowl, Founder, ProMusicDB.
In the linked open data (LOD) environment, the concept of “authority” extends beyond expert-maintained authority files to a model based on mass consensus. This presentation examines the practical ramifications of this extended concept of “authority” and demonstrates one possible way to build LOD authorities on a mass scale currently being developed by ProMusicDB, a comprehensive metadata aggregation platform and user interface that provides access to linked open data for activities of music professionals. In ProMusicDB, profiles for music professionals are built based on data collected from WorldCat, the Virtual International Authority File, the Internet Movie Database, DBpedia, Discogs, MusicBrainz, and proprietary databases from musician unions and performing rights organizations.

"Mapmakers," presented by Diane Hillmann, consultant with Metadata Management Associates.
This presentation will examine concepts of “mapping” and “crosswalking” as they relate to cataloging community. The presenter will address differences between the two and applicability of each as we enter the Semantic Web world. Ms. Hillmann will describe ways of moving bibliographic metadata into the world beyond MARC and will explore the possibilities for using semantic mapping to provide catalogers with the flexibility and extensibility we will need in the future.

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