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Collection Evaluation and Assessment Interest Group

Sunday, January 26, 2014
1:00 pm to 2:30 pm, US/Eastern

Collection Evaluation and Assessment: Planning meeting to generate ideas for relevant program for ALA Annual 2014

Collection evaluation and assessment has become a necessary component to the success of academic libraries. But the question remains, how to measure success in building and maintaining relevant collections and what determines a “good” assessment? Declining budgets and increasing need to justify collection expenditures are driving the need to create valid metrics to assess our collections. What metrics should we be using? How do we define success in collection development? What are usage statistics telling us? Do we as librarians currently even have enough understanding of how usage statistics are defined? Project Counter 4: does the new report meet our needs for assessment? What new tools have been utilized to assess collections (InTota, EBSCO Usage Consolidation, Counter Reports, Transaction Logs). Whose needs do we need to meet (faculty, students, administration, researchers etc) and how do we prioritize? What types of collection analysis projects are currently taking place in libraries?

Join us for a short discussion and presentation as well as a planning meeting to generate a list of relevant topics for ALA Annual program. The facilitators will conduct several exercises to generate discussion and ideas as well as a short presentation on usage statistics. An agenda will be circulated shortly before the meeting.

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