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Technical Services Workflow Efficiency Interest Group

Monday, January 27, 2014
1:00 pm to 2:30 pm, US/Eastern

Session one:
Title: Using MarcEdit and Excel to Identify Bibliographic Problems with Batchloaded Records
Presenter: Michael Winecoff, Associate University Librarian for Technical Services, UNC Charlotte
Synopsis: MARC records provided by vendors are often batchloaded without regard to checking for quality control. These records could have unknown problems that would otherwise go undetected making them inaccessible. This session shows one way using MarcEdit and Excel to quickly pull out key fields and scan for issues.

Session two:
Title: Adding XSLT to the cataloger’s toolbox: efficiencies for transforming and analyzing bibliographic data.
Presenter: Annie Glerum, Head of Complex Cataloging, Florida State University Libraries
Synopsis: MarcEdit is extremely handy for editing and analyzing MARC files, however another useful program that can be tossed to the cataloger’s toolbox is EXtensible Stylesheet Language Transformations (XSLT). XSLT, which can be used in conjunction with MarcEdit, works with any XML-based metadata and can be customized for local needs. This introduction to XSLT covers metadata transformation to MARC21, quality control of vendor batch files, and XSLT code snippets.

Session three:
Title: A technology solution to process management: leveraging a Duke/IBM partnership
Presenter: Jacquie Samples, Head, Electronic Resources and Serials Cataloging Section, ERSM, Duke University Libraries
Synopsis: In the summer of 2013, a joint team involving the Duke University Libraries and IBM spent three months deploying and developing IBM’s Business Process Manager application framework (BPM) in the Libraries, showcasing the application's capabilities by transforming the way the Duke University Libraries manage subscriptions to online databases. The Libraries’ successful collaboration with IBM and the BPM platform has become a foundational experience for developing a suite of workflow tools in the Libraries, one that will help transform other operational processes and improve the Libraries’ quality of service in nearly every area. This presentation will describe the processes and problems that led up to this transformative project, will provide a brief overview of the BPM solution in action, and will discuss the broader potential of BPM as a process management solution for the Duk

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