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2015 ALA Annual Pre-Conference Committee (Ad hoc) Charge

The 2015 ALA Annual Pre-Conference Committee (Ad hoc) was charged by the board at the meeting held Friday, 8 November 2013 (notes are located here).  The amendments made to the charge at the meeting are captured in a comment in these meeting notes and captured in the attached Word document.


Plan and manage a full or half day pre-conference in San Francisco 2015 subject and content GLBT Teens or GLBT Families. Content proposal including suggested speakers, number of participants and cost proposal to be shared with GLBTRT Executive Board by March 2014 with full approval at Annual 2014. Propose ALA units to co-sponsor.

Look at formats for other ALA Preconferences - full day and half day; investigate costs.

Committee to consist of 5-7 members plus a board liaison. Planned attendance in SFO desirable.