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GLBTRT Advocacy Cmte (Ad hoc) Charge

The GLBTRT Advocacy Committee (Ad hoc) was charged by the board at the meeting held Friday, 8 November 2013 (notes are located here).  The amendments made to the charge at the meeting are captured in a comment in these meeting notes and captured in the attached Word document.


To support the efforts of advocates for library service to GLBT Families and their allies through wide dissemination of a GLBT Toolkit modeled on other ALA advocacy toolkits.

To develop and highlight resources in a toolkit for advocates at the local, state, and national level with particular emphasis on the grassroots level.

To work with other ALA units including the youth divisions, PLA, the Chapter Relations Committee and the Committee on Library Advocacy to integrate GLBT advocacy efforts into their planning and priorities.

To produce a draft toolkit by Midwinter Meeting 2015 for digital distribution digitally and as a "brochure" by Annual 2015.

Committee Structure: 7 to 8 round table members with background in ALA advocacy, communication, and digital skills.

Sample Content:

Talking Points
Making the Case
Outreach to Patrons and the Public
Talking to the Media
Working with Local Officials
Library Checklist