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Lindsay Bosch (staff)'s picture

Pre-vote discussion: 12/10/13-12/16/2013 - Search Committee Guidelines Task Force

Dear Board members,

Please find attached an action form regarding the creation of a Task Force on the Screening and Appointment of Academic Librarians using a Search Committee. (We're calling it SAAL-TF) It is the opinion of the ACRL Personnel Discussion Group the the guideline is in need of revision

Please post any feedback, questions or comments on the document using the threaded discussion attached to this post.  ACRL staff will respond in the forum to any questions that may arise.  The action may be edited according to your input and we will hold a virtual vote beginning Dec 10 and concluding Dec 16, 2013.

Thank you,

Lindsay Bosch

ACRL Program Officer



Irene Herold's picture

I have no concerns about creating a task force with a set time period to review the existing guidelines to make sure they are in alignment with current best practice.  My only question/concern is that in the process for revision, there did not appear in the outline a place where there was an open comment period for interested membership feedback.  It all seemed to hinge on internal approval.  I would like to suggest that the Standards Committee consider soliciting feedback on the draft, as the information literacy standards committee has done for example, with either an open webinar and/or offering the draft for the Discussion Group to consider. 

I am certain that you all will have better ideas on what process this should follow, or perhaps that there is already a process that Standards has to follow that encompasses feedback, but that was my initial and only concern reading this draft action form.

Irene Herold

ACRL Board, Past President 2017-2018

Karen A. Williams's picture

You are right Irene, in that the task force must solicit member input, unless employing an expedited review for minor changes.  The process is detailed here:  http://www.ala.org/acrl/resources/policies/chapter14#14.6

I think the proposal for the task force is just dandy.


Mark Emmons's picture

Hi all,

In all my years as a librarian, I had somehow missed the existence of these guidelines. I think that this is because we have used institutional guidelines wherever I have worked. So I wonder if the Search Committee guidelines are necessary. Can we ask the task force to consider this question as well?


Mark Emmons

University of New Mexico

Associate Dean of Public Services

Lindsay Bosch (staff)'s picture

Dear Board members,

Thank you so for your comments. I have revised our action in order to make explicit the expectation of soliciting member feedback in accordance with the Guide to Policies and Procedures.  In addition, the wording has been shifted to include Mark's suggestion.  The Task Force will be asked to first consider the professional need for this guideline, before moving forward with any revisions. Please find the revised action attached to the vote. 

Many thanks,