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President report December 1-7, 2013

Busy week! In no particular order:

  • Phone call with Rachel to touch base on a lot of things
    • Goals
    • LITA Happy Hour
    • Ack, I took terrible notes!! These meetings are more info-sharing and moral support than they are action-item-generating. :)
  • Sent email to Board re: IG/Awards liaisons
  • Email chain re: ED review process with Mary G and Mary T
  • Solicited two folks for membership on the Forum '14 committee
  • Forum Steering Committee meeting
  • Wrote up sponsorship ideas resulting from steering committee mtg; sent to Forum '14 too
  • Forum Planning '14 meeting - good discussion about sponsorship ideas & prospectus
  • Substantive discussion with Nom Com regarding motion from Board
  • Check-in with potential sponsor of Annual 2014 prez program
  • Wrote & submitted President's message for next issue of ITAL
  • Asked $TF (Financial Strategies TF) chairs to have their report to us by January 10; Tom said ok.
  • Read through Forum 2013 evaluations
  • Shared info/opinions with Board re:
    • annual holiday greeting
    • changes to BARC/Divisions meeting
    • Posting these sort of reports
  • Call with Mary¬†
    • January meeting date
    • Midwinter meetings - agenda, times
    • webinar poll/following up with Sue Considine
    • ED review/goals
    • Emerging leaders
    • should we IM?
    • Rebranding - list of what is required?
    • who does the asking wrt Forum sponsors?
Andromeda Yelton's picture

Go Cindi, rocking it out with the follow-ups!

So glad to see the sponsorship discussions happening, and happening early.

LITA Board of Directors, 2013-2019; President-Elect, 2017-2018