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C&RL Editorial Board Minutes - Midwinter 2014

College & Research Libraries Editorial Board

ALA Midwinter Meeting (Virtual)

December 4, 2013

9:00 am - 11:00 am (Central)

Members present: Scott Walter (Chair),  Karen Antell, Jennifer Baxmeyer, Ann Cullen, Marta Deyrup, Richard Fyffe, Don Gilstrap, Ramona Islam, Lori Mestre, Gary Pitkin, Richard Ring, Sarah Steiner, Lynn Westbrook

Guests present: Stephanie Davis-Kahl, David Free, Meg Grotti, Eric Johnson

The meeting was called to order at 9:00 am by Scott Walter. The Board discussed the following agenda items:

Announcements and Additions to the Agenda

Steiner announced the upcoming, inaugural C&RL Web forum on academic mentoring to be held on December 5, 2013. The new “fora” page is now available at http://crl.acrl.org/site/misc/fora.xhtml.

Call for New Members (Walter)

Walter noted that several current members of the editorial board (Antell, Baxmeyer, Fyffe, Hook, Islam, McCreadie, Mullins, Pitkin, Ryan, Westbrook) are concluding their current terms at Annual 2014 and one one of these (Fyffe) is eligible for re-appointment. Walter encouraged board members to consider individuals with appropriate experience and interest in scholarly publishing and academic/research library research who might be appropriate for appointment to the board for a 3-year term beginning in July 2014.

Social Media Program Update (Steiner)

Steiner provided an updated on the implementation of the C&RL social media plan, including the establishment since Annual 2013 of C&RL presence on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/collegeandresearchlibraries), Twitter (@CRL_ACRL), and YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/user/crlacrl). Steiner reported that C&RL currently has 623 followers on Twitter and 407 “Likes” on Facebook. Steiner noted that social media analytics show greater engagement with the Twitter presence, but also noted the limitations placed on organizational Facebook posts by Facebook, e.g., without payment to “promote” posts, only 16% of one’s audience (“likes”) is shown any given post. Steiner is exploring ways around this Facebook-imposed limitation that does not involve paid posts.

Steiner provided additional information on the upcoming Web forum and encouraged board members to attend. There are approximately 100 people currently registered to attend the session, which will be broadcast through Google Hangouts and YouTube and archived on the C&RL YouTube channel (see above).

Post-meeting: Steiner provided an update on progress on the established C&RL Social Media Plan.

Transition to Digital-Only Publication; Status of Enhancements to Highwire Site (Free)

Free provided an update on current discussions within ACRL and with Highwire Press to enhance the C&RL Web presence. Informed by member feedback received at ACRL and ALA meetings in 2013, Free is currently pursuing the provision of enhanced information on article use (views/downloads) and alt-metrics. Highwire is currently working with Altmetric (www.altmetric.com/) to provide article-level metrics and Free is pursuing pricing information to determine if this can be enabled for the C&RL site with existing resources. While discussions of alt-metrics are continuing, Free has already arranged for article-level use statistics to be made publicly available on the Highwire site, an enhancement that should be in place prior to Midwinter 2014. This enhancement will allow authors (and readers) to view use statistics directly on the article page and will eliminate the need for authors to contact ACRL to request use data.

Board members applauded this progress, but also noted the need to continue pursuing the assignment of digital object identifers (DOIs) to C&RL articles. Free confirmed that this is still the long-term plan and a best practice in scholarly publishing and noted that he is pursuing discussions within ALA regarding the ACRL use of the ALA account for the assignment of DOIs. Both the assignment of DOIs and the employment of Altmetric tools will require funding and Free will work with the board and the Publications Coordinating Committee should an additional allocation from ACRL be required in FY15 (or subsequent years) to conduct this work.

Free also reported that ACRL should have sufficient funds available in FY14 to launch a pilot “mini-site” on the C&RL Highwire site. The idea of the “mini-site” is to provide an opportunity to bring together content from across C&RL (other ACRL journals, other ACRL publications, ACRL discussion lists?) on a specific topic in the manner of the New England Journal of Medicine’s “Specialties and Topics” (http://www.nejm.org/medical-specialties). Free will seek editorial board input at the appropriate time regarding potential “mini-site” topics, etc.

Free reported that plans are in place, per discussions at Annual 2013, to establish a new department in C&RL News that will focus on C&RL content and remind readers of the print publication of the availability of new content in the now-digital-only journal. Free and Walter solicited board input on a possible name for this new department, e.g., “College & Research Libraries Spotlight,” and requested that ideas be sent to Walter by December 9th. The C&RL News feature will include announcement of newly-published articles, new pre-prints, and other items that will direct News readers to the C&RL site.

Open Peer Review Pilot (Walter)

Given the pressures involved in launching the digital-only publication model, implementing the social media plan, and pursuing the enhancements to the C&RL site via Highwire, etc., as well as the upcoming appointment of a large number of new editorial board members, Walter proposed that the open peer review pilot discussed at Annual 2013 be postponed until after Annual 2014. Members of the board agreed to this proposal.

Spring 2014 Special Issue: ARL Library Assessment Conference (Walter)

Walter reported that, while communication is ongoing, no content has been received to date from the organizers of the 2012 Library Assessment Conference for consideration for publication in a special issue (or section) of C&RL. Editorial board members expressed concern about moving forward with a special issue/section on this topic if it cannot be produced by July 2014, at the latest (original publication plan was for March 2014). Walter will communicate with LAC organizers to confirm that content will be made available for editorial board review in time for any needed edits, etc., prior to placing the content into the production queue for publication in conjunction either with the May 2014 or July 2014 issue of C&RL.

Post-meeting: Following discussion of the timeline for publication, LAC organizers have decided to withdraw their proposal to publish selected papers from the 2012 conference in C&RL. A future opportunity for a special issue drawn from LAC papers may be considered.

Spring 2015 Special Issue: 75th Anniversary of C&RL (Walter)

Board members discussed the articles selected for further consideration as part of the plan to publish a “75th anniversary” issue of the journal in March 2015. Board members have reviewed all articles published in the journal and have identified more than 25 for further discussion prior to engagement with the readership to identify the final 6-7 articles that will be included in the anniversary issue. Walter has also received feedback from 5 former C&RL editors identifying articles they consider worthy of further review. Board members will consider this feedback and a final list of 24-28 articles will be identified for presentation to C&RL readers in Spring 2014.

Cullen suggested that reader engagement might be enhanced through the presentation of articles being considered for the anniversary issue at a forum at Annual 2014. Davis-Kahl will bring this idea to the 75th Anniversary Task Force for further consideration.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:23 am.