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GODORT Buddy Program for Midwinter 2014!

Learn something new in Philadelphia. Get a GODORT Buddy for Midwinter Meeting 2014 in Philadelphia! 

Park Ranger at Liberty Bell

 Photo Credit: National Park Service, Independence National Historical Park

Interested in government information librarianship? Want to know more about what we do in GODORT? Get a Buddy! Sign up now!

The GODORT Buddy program was created to provide a personal introduction to the Government Documents Round Table. New and prospective GODORT members, as well as members becoming active for the first time or after a long absence are encouraged to request a GODORT Buddy.

We also need GODORT members to VOLUNTEER TO BE A BUDDY!

Share your knowledge and be a welcoming face for GODORT. Learn more about being a buddy; see the description on the Membership Committee wiki.

Other Details:

The Buddy pairing is for just one conference, so requires a low level of commitment, but means you’ll have an active GODORT member to answer all your questions and introduce you to other members at the GODORT Happy Hour & other events. You'll also receive a packet of information and GODORT goodies at the Happy Hour!

  • Sign up deadline: Friday January 17, 2014
  • Buddy pairing notification: Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Questions?? Please don't hesitate to contact me, Sarah Erekson, Membership Committee Chair