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2013 Annual WAC Meeting Minutes

ALA Web Advisory Committee Meeting Notes
Sunday, June 30 2013, 3 to 5:00 p.m.
McCormick Convention Center Room N134

Comment and request regarding these meeting notes:  

  1. The below document started as out agenda but I added my notes to it.  The original agenda without notes is located here: http://connect.ala.org/node/208660 
  2. Look these notes over and add post your amendments.
  3. At the moment, only I (david) have action items.  Share more if you have them in your notes.

1.0 Call to Order and Introductions - Dobbs 10 min. (3:00)

2.0 Report from Executive Board Liaison – Rob Banks 15 min. (3:10)

  • attendance is up, higher than last year
  • Projecting that Las Vegas will be smaller attendance (due to weather, cost, etc)
  • ALA President's Program - Libraries Transform Communities (Maurine Sullivan)
  • Digital Content and Libraries Working Group:
    • Group very active.  The big 6 are working with libraries in some fashion.  Their work is documented here: http://connect.ala.org/node/159669
    • noted the creation of the digi edition of Am. Libraries
  • School Libraries - (ALA President's Program) Right to Libraries. Is a grass routes initiative.  The call to sign up is going around now in ALA membership communication channels.
  • The ALA Leadership Institute meeting took 40 attendees but had over 200 applications

Sherri and Jenny, I have this mysterious note that I'm afraid I've not followed up with.  Do you recall what this pertains to?  ACTION: David V will work with Sherri and Jenny to craft language to share things with the ALA Executive Board. 

Jenny and I checked our notes and found nothing about this ACTION.  Does anyone else remember?

3.0 Committee Business - Dobbs 15 min. (3:25)

  • WAC member role guide
    • membership on this committee, what roles are, are not clear.  People come from various groups and have various levels of direction from their parent groups.

3.0 Questions about ITTS Report to WAC - Vanyek, Levine 15 min. (3:40)

  • Report document is posted here: http://connect.ala.org/node/208409
  • Accessibility Assembly response to ITTS report ASCLA is glad the accessibility of the registration forms will be addressed this summer
  • The assembly notes that ALA digital editions aren't accessible
  • A request from Accessibility Assembly:
    • can an interactive link (an icon) "Learn about Accessibility and Libraries" be added to ALA front pages?  The link will direct users what all ALA groups are doing around accessibility. (Simon mentioned the model Cal state is using for this) The Assembly wants a clearing house of accessibility efforts.  Is this feasible? Hoping to have a right rail pod also.  The request came from the Assembly's Digital Accessibility Subgroup.  
    • ACTION: WAC will ask the web content group (staff) to address this.  They need a note from WAC in support of Simon's idea.
  • Arron mentioned that there's still problems with conference registration.

4.0 WAC Vice-Chair for 2014-15 - Dobbs 5 min (3:55)

5.0 ITTS Project Delays – Vanyek 15 min (4:00)

  • Notes provided on the agenda:
    • profile management software 
    • homepage redesign for ala.org
    • new e-commerce system
    • updated style guide containing best practices for the ALA Website 
    • new abstract/program proposal and meeting request system
    • committee appointment wireframes
    • video training materials on how to maintain the ALA website in Drupal
  • Notes about this item:
    • They merged connect profile with the IMIS database. Wanted to role out in 2012 but there were software issues, and time constraints.
    • Been working on the American Libraries site. (covered in report).
    • Migrated from Drupal 6-7. Had slow down on site, had to stop and address that.
    • Put off home page redesign until 2014. Will have a prototype. Want's WAC to test the prototype.
    • Talked about the conference registration system.  The new event management system is going live. The old system, was hacked to death. The vendor didn't want to work with us more.  Trying to implement e-show. This first phase will be to implement the room submission form. There will be public submissions for public proposals for the system also. Hope to get a speaker database out of this project also.  This is a huge project but they don't have resources. The deadline is for Sept 1.  The goal is to make form easier to use so they can get better data to make it easier to build the schedule.  LITA pushed the process, used their requirements.
    • Drupal sandbox created to have practice space was mentioned.

8.0 Reports from WAC Members & Units - WAC 15 min. (4:30)

  • Notes provided on the agenda:
    • Please be ready to (briefly) tell us what your Unit is doing with its web-space 
    • Please bring up any questions your Unit has about its web-space or connect-space 
    • If you want to report something detailed, please feel free to post it to the WAC Connect Group (or post it publicly in your Unit's Connect-space)
  • Vess mentioned appointment system and intention to still produce case models to go along with an RFP.
  • Vess noted dead links on Support site and will email them to Sherri.
  • Discussion of Drupal Micro Sites:
    • Vess noted there was a document floating around that promoted the adoption of Micro-sites under the ala.org site.  This isn't correct.
    • We need to limit the creation of micro-sites, not promote them.
    • ala.org consists of many micro-sites.  The more added, the slower the whole site will get.
    • Thus, the LITA Top Tech Trends micro-site needs to be a WP blog.
  • ALCTS - New member, (Erin)
  • ACRL IS - use a doc repository model under main IS site (John)
  • YALSA - not hiding lists behind log ins. Migrating to WP blog. (Wendy)
  • Travis - nothing to report (Ascla)
  • RUSA - will be talking to board about her role. (Courtney Greene)

  9.0 Action Items/Other Business Summary - WAC 15 min. (4:45)

  • The following items were noted but have not actions attached to them:
    • ITTS Road Map
    • Connect Road Map

  Adjournment - WAC (5:00)