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Education Committee

Thanks for starting this board, Cindi.  Here's what I've done with Education since summer.  I also have questions on how to do stuff better, but I posted those to the email list.

  • Communicated with the committee about our budgeted expectations for numbers of courses.
  • Learned from Melissa how courses go from idea to reality, and communicated that.
  • Aspiring toward monthly calls with the chair; we've had 2, with #3 scheduled for next week.
  • Discovered that no one actually knows how many courses are in the pipeline -- set up a Trello board for the committee & LITA staff to make it easier for us all to see at a glance where things are.  (It's private, visible only to its members, since it's necessarily discussing how we feel about specific individuals as instructors.)
  • Found that the committee doesn't know if courses actually run or are successful, and they need to know that to be motivated -- am working with Melissa & committee to have better two-way information flow. (See also: Trello.)