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Agenda - Virtual MidWinter Meeting December 2013

ACRL Instruction Section

Membership Committee

Virtual MidWinter Agenda

December 6, 2013


I.                Welcome & Introductions

II.             Call for additions/revisions to the agenda

III.           Updates

A.              Tentative: IS Facebook Presence (N. Ghouse – IS Liaison)

IV.           Committee work to be done

A.              Mid-winter Soiree - volunteers needed to work with IS Local Arrangements Committee (chair: Jill Luedke)

B.              Virtual Orientation (IS Vice-Chair Mark Szarko will present) 01/16/2014 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM Eastern Time - publicity needed (each committee member to choose listservs, etc. through which to send announcement)

V.              Other Business

A.              Volunteer form (not due until February but time flies!)

VI.           Review/Action Items



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