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Help test new Connect module for Doodle-like functionality

Hi, WAC --

We're about to implement a new Drupal module in Connect that lets users poll group members to find out when the best time would be to meet. It's very similar to Doodle, but it has two advantages over that site.

  1. It already knows everyone in the group, so creating a meeting request will automatically send an email notification to all group members.
  2. Once there are enough responses to pick a time/date to meet, there's a plus sign next to each time that lets you create an event for the meeting in your group's calendar and pre-populates it with that time and date, all with one click. Once you submit the form for creating the event, the email notification will go out to the whole group.

We think the feature is ready to be released, but we could use a few volunteers to help test it and give us feedback. Please let me know if you'd have a few minutes to play around with it on our development server before Thanksgiving. We're hoping to launch this on Connect the week of December 2nd.


Veronica Arellano-Douglas's picture

This sounds like a great feature. The committees I'm on use Doodle all the time. I'm happy to help test it out.


David Vess's picture

I'm sorry I missed the call for help.  This sounds great Jenny.  Let me know if you still need people to play with it.