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Agenda Item Parking Lot

What is this?

Below are future board meeting agenda items.  If no one takes up an agenda item, it will be dropped from the list in about a month.

How do you get an item on the board agenda?

Draft idea on getting items to the agenda:

Any round table member may bring meeting items to the board.  Board members may share agenda item ideas on the board email list.  Note in your message subject that you are proposing an agenda item.  Non-board members should use the board contact form to share meeting agenda items to the board:  http://www.ala.org/glbtrt/about/contact/board 

Meetings will be cancelled if there are no agenda items to share out at least 10 days before a meeting.

Agenda items should be shared with the board about 15 days before the meeting.

Each agenda item should include the following:

    • state the desired outcome of the item (what do you want the board to do with your item?)
      • discussion OR listen to a report/update
      • will voting be required?
    • estimate amount of time needed on agenda
    • supply related documents or links to them

Note on agenda items: Since we only have an hour, we ask that you think about if we must have reports, updates, etc. during meeting time. We can always use the board email list for things like this where reports may be sent as attachments to all members.

Agenda Items List

Table of contents:

  1. Amendments to the GLBTRT Leadership Responsibilities Document (10 mins)
  2. Board Mailing -- Fundraising Mailing Costs (15 mins)
  3. Board Members on Committees (20 mins)
  4. Charge for Fundraising Committee (15 mins)
  5. Committee Member and Chair Guidelines (20 mins)
  6. Gender Neutral Restrooms at ALA Annual and Midwinter Meetings (15 mins)
  7. GLBTRT Board Meeting Norms Proposal (15 mins)
  8. GLBTRT Project Proposal Form – Proposal (15 mins)
  9. Web Site Updates & Marketing Proposal (15 mins)

1. Amendments to the GLBTRT Leadership Responsibilities Document (10 mins)

Action: Adopt amendments to the GLBTRT Leadership Responsibilities Document as posed in the below linked document called, "PDF Version of Initial Amendments - Shows Amendments."

    • Initial amendments to the document are linked below.
    • Posed amendments will be added to the document as they are shared.
    • Amendments can be posed by board members or GLBTRT members.
    • Amendments must be posed on the GLBTRT Board email list or via the board contact form.
    • Please pose amendments in one of two ways:
      • in a word document with Track Changes turned on; or
      • in an email message with line number information.

      Item Facilitator: David Vess

      Vote: At April May 9th Board Meeting

      Supporting Information:  The language in this document has a few spelling errors and some outdated language.  Changes in the Initial Amendments document shows those posed amendments from Vess.  Also posed are some general reporting expectations for board members.  Vess will try to add amendments to this document as they are posted on the board email list and via the board contact form.


      2. Board Mailing -- Fundraising Mailing Costs (15 mins)

      Action: Motion for the GLBTRT Board to approve payment for printed fundraising letter mailing expenses.
      Item Facilitator: Dale McNeil
      Vote: Yes
      Supporting Information:

      Cost Estimates from Kim Olsen-Clark, ALA Director of Development:

      Stock paper/Printing

      Letter, outer envelope, pledge form, giveALA instructions, return envelope



      .48 each



      Outsourced (includes shipping costs of getting the materials up there and back-roughly 9 hours to stuff four inserts)


      Estimate total



      Message from Dale about this issue:

      ---------- Forwarded message ----------
      From: Dale McNeill (library)
      Date: Wed, Apr 2, 2014 at 12:02 PM
      Subject: [glbtrt-board] Fwd: Cost to GLBTRT
      To: ""

      Hello all--

      As you may know, there has been discussion of a sending a print appeal to members of the Round Table for the endowment (long term investment fund) that's restricted to the book awards. The cost for ALA to do this is below.

      It's been several years (at least 4) since we did a print letter appeal (I did that one myself, that is, Queens Library sponsored the printing, I donated the postage, and I stuffed the letters with a group of friends).

      It's a lot of work.

      Unless someone's library would be willing to pay for this, I'd like to put it on the agenda for our next meeting.

      We have funds to cover the expense. If our conference expenses are relatively low, we will end the year in the black. And we do have reserves. I think it's very important that we do the mailing, but I can't personally do it this year.

      Best, Dale

      3. Board Members on GLBTRT Committees (20 mins)

      Action: Motion that the GLBRT Executive Board codify practice into policy that GLBTRT Board Members may not simultaneously serve on the Board and on a committee except in their Board role as liaison.  Any current board member who is a member of a committee will be asked resign as of MW 2014.

      Item Facilitator: Ann Symons

      Vote: Yes

      Supporting Information:

      Background:  It is ALA practice, both within ALA and its Divisions, that Executive Board Members are not members of Committees of the same unit.  It is also the practice that a board member who is a member of a committee resigns from the committee upon service on the Board. 

      Rationale:  Conflict of Interest, necessity to be involved with the board, provide leadership on the board, use liaison responsibilities to learn more about the RT structure and engage with members; take time to envision what you want the RT to be and propose ways to improve.

      The GLBTRT Leadership Responsibilities Document States:

      Executive Board: The GLBT Round Table is governed by an elected executive board.  The board consists of the chair, chair-elect, past-chair, treasurer, secretary, councilor, and five directors-at-Large.
      From: http://connect.ala.org/node/161432

      The charge of the board is as follows:

      The executive board will:

        • provide oversight and long-term planning for the round table, including: goal-setting, programs, projects, activities, and publications;
        • conduct and review all business between membership meetings;
        • carry out  the formal decisions of  membership;
        • review and approve an annual round table budget;
        • report activities to membership through round table communication channels; and make recommendations to membership by all round table communication channels.

      From: http://www.ala.org/glbtrt/about/glb-ec


      4. Charge for Fundraising Committee (15 mins)

      NB: Need amended draft charge from Larry.  Larry, the language you and Joel posed at 2013 Annual didn’t pass for a lack of mention of planned giving.  I found that in our notes.

      Action: Motion to adopt a charge for the GLBTRT Fundraising Committee

      Item Facilitator: Larry Romans

      Vote: Yes

      Supporting Information: The draft charge for this committee was not adopted at the board meeting at 2013 Annual Conference.


      5. Committee Member and Chair Guidelines (30 mins)

      Original Request from Board Contact Form
      http://connect.ala.org/files/2014-GLBTRT-Cmte-Meetings-Guideline-Request.docx [WORD doc]

      Action: Discuss adoption of general guidelines for committee chairs and members that cover things like participation expectations as well as dismissal procedures.

      Action: Discuss accommodating committee members who cannot attend scheduled committee meetings at MW or Annual Conferences.  Former chair of Rainbow Committee, Christie suggested this language for what would be allowable: "in case of extreme emergency* (such as family illness or stranded by weather, members on those committees who have acted in good faith all year be able to attend virtually at ALA Midwinter."

      Item Facilitator: David Vess [or anyone who wants to volunteer]

      Vote: n/a

      Supporting Information for Posed General Guidelines:  

      Hi all, I've already covered this in the procedure manual I had to craft while I was chair (just to keep myself straight).  In fact, I had to work with Amanda Clay using the dismissal procedure to remove someone from Stonewall.  It went smoothly.  I also used it several other times while I was chair but I can't recall the details. In each instance things went smoothly.

      I just touched this up a but to incorporate some things said in this email thread. dsv

      LINK to posed General Cmte Guidelines:

      Supporting information for Accomidating Committee Members who cannot attend scheduled meetings:

        • As you meeting scheduler (a job the past-chair does) you should know that we cannot guarantee that every OTR, Rainbow or Stonewall meeting will have wireless access.  We can request wireless or even wired access but no guarantees can be made as to if the service will be provided.  dsv
        • I share the following since I did a lot of work to assure we had 'legal' GLBTRT Board meetings on line:  As long as the meeting is in real-time (not in email or discussion forums), there is no ALA policy that says a committees cannot use such tools as Skype to add others into a meeting who couldn't attend because of an emergency.  Committee members will already know about the meeting far in advance since it's help at MW or Annual.   dsv
        • More about online meetings is here: http://connect.ala.org/comment/35139#comment-35139


      6. Gender Neutral Restrooms at ALA Annual and Midwinter Meetings (15 mins)

      Action: Discuss the following:  

      1) the idea of requesting ALA conference services that ALA establish gender neutral restrooms at annual conferences and midwinter meetings -- in conference centers and headquarter hotels

      2) the idea of GLBTRT creating a spot where there is a sign, small stickers, and some pens available for people who want to indicate their Preferred Gender Pronoun (PGP) on their conference badge.

      Item Facilitator: Julie Winkelstein

      Vote: Yes

      Supporting Information:

      Julie Winkelstein's write up in the SRRT Newsletter about gender neutral bathrooms http://www.libr.org/srrt/news/srrt186.php#11

      Creating Change Document Examples:

      1. Talking Points for Briefing Hotel Management Staff on Trans Attendees [Word doc]

      2. Transgender/Gender Non-Conforming Etiquette and Inclusion [Word doc]

      3. Preferred Pronoun Sticker Station Signage [Word doc]


      7. GLBTRT Board Meeting Norms Proposal (15 mins)

      Action: Motion to adopt the below meeting document as board procedure.

      Item Facilitator: David Vess

      Vote: Yes

      Supporting InformationDRAFT GLBTRT Board Meeting Norms Document [Word Document, 2 Pages]


      8. GLBTRT Project Proposal Form -- Proposal (15 mins)

      Action: Motion to adopt the draft project proposal form and add to website web forms along with the board contact form: http://www.ala.org/glbtrt/about/contact

      Item Facilitator: David Vess

      Vote: Yes

      Supporting Informationhttp://connect.ala.org/node/114947


      9. Web Site Updates & Marketing Proposal (15 mins)

      Action: Motion to enlist ALA design services to create custom branding for the GLBTRT website and create feature slides for use on the round table home page.

      Item Facilitator: David Isaak, GLBTRT Web Cmte Chair & David Vess

      Vote: Yes

      Supporting Information:

        • Examples: Look at any of the ALA division sites. They have their own header and color palette.
        • Costs:
          • Design of up to 6 feature slides for website: $400-500
          • Design of custom header for website and color scheme $400-500
          • List of potential slides to be developed: Book Awards; Elections; Committee Volunteering; Professional Resources Page; News site; Reviews site; OTR site; Rainbow Site;
          • If there is a concern with costs, I think it’s worth it to have professionally developed feature slides done first. We could live without a new website heading and color changes.