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Future Agenda Items List

What is this?

Below are future board meeting agenda items.

How do you get an item on the board agenda?

Board members should share agenda item ideas on the board email list.  Note in your message subject that you are proposing an agenda item.  Non-board members should use the board contact form to share meeting agenda items to the board:  http://www.ala.org/glbtrt/about/contact/board 

The secretary will work with item-bringers, the chair, chair-elect and past-chair to craft agenda items.

Meetings will be cancelled if there are no agenda items to share out at least 10 days before a meeting.

Agenda items should be shared with the board about 15 days before the meeting.

Reports shouldn't be read in meetings.  Links to reports should be shared out on the agenda 10 days before the meeting so all will have time to read them.  Reports can also be shared out on the board email list or the board contact form at anytime.

Each agenda item should include the following:

    • Action: state the desired outcome of the item (what do you want the board to do with your item?)
      • discussion OR listen to a report/update
    • Item Facilitator: Who will take responsibility for this item during the meeting and attend to work that must be done outside of the meeting?
    • Vote: Will voting be required?
    • Time: Estimate amount of time needed on agenda
    • Supporting Information: Supply related documents or links to them.


Agenda Items List

Table of contents:

  1. Committee Member and Chair Guidelines (20 mins)
  2. GLBTRT Board Meeting Norms Proposal (15 mins)
  3. Evaluation of the Structure of the Stonewall Book Awards Committee (15 mins) [2016 ALA MW]
  4. Future of Stonewall Book Awards Program (15 mins) [2015 August meeting]

1. Committee Member and Chair Guidelines (30 mins) [David V will rework this item and share with the board for a future meeting.]

Original Request from Board Contact Form
http://connect.ala.org/files/2014-GLBTRT-Cmte-Meetings-Guideline-Request.docx [WORD doc]

Action: Discuss adoption of general guidelines for committee chairs and members that cover things like participation expectations as well as dismissal procedures.

Action: Discuss accommodating committee members who cannot attend scheduled committee meetings at MW or Annual Conferences.  Former chair of Rainbow Committee, Christie suggested this language for what would be allowable: "in case of extreme emergency* (such as family illness or stranded by weather, members on those committees who have acted in good faith all year be able to attend virtually at ALA Midwinter."

Item Facilitator: David Vess [or anyone who wants to volunteer]

Vote: n/a

Supporting Information for Posed General Guidelines:  

Hi all, I've already covered this in the procedure manual I had to craft while I was chair (just to keep myself straight).  In fact, I had to work with Amanda Clay using the dismissal procedure to remove someone from Stonewall.  It went smoothly.  I also used it several other times while I was chair but I can't recall the details. In each instance things went smoothly.

I just touched this up a but to incorporate some things said in this email thread. dsv

LINK to posed General Cmte Guidelines:

Supporting information for Accomidating Committee Members who cannot attend scheduled meetings:

    • As you meeting scheduler (a job the past-chair does) you should know that we cannot guarantee that every OTR, Rainbow or Stonewall meeting will have wireless access.  We can request wireless or even wired access but no guarantees can be made as to if the service will be provided.  dsv
    • I share the following since I did a lot of work to assure we had 'legal' GLBTRT Board meetings on line:  As long as the meeting is in real-time (not in email or discussion forums), there is no ALA policy that says a committees cannot use such tools as Skype to add others into a meeting who couldn't attend because of an emergency.  Committee members will already know about the meeting far in advance since it's help at MW or Annual.   dsv
    • More about online meetings is here: http://connect.ala.org/comment/35139#comment-35139


2. GLBTRT Board Meeting Norms Proposal (15 mins) David V will rework this item and share with the board for a future meeting.]

Action: Motion to adopt the below meeting document as board procedure.

During June 13 board meeting, the board: 1. Wasn't sure if all the language was needed.  2. Brainstormed about where these procedures would be placed.  The GLBTRT Leadership Responsibilities document was one suggestion.  Board decided this was an item for the Aug 2014 Conference Call.

Item Facilitator: David Vess

Vote: Yes

Supporting InformationDRAFT GLBTRT Board Meeting Norms Document [Word Document, 2 Pages]


X. Evaluation of the Structure of the Stonewall Book Awards Committee (15 mins) [Scheduled for 2016 ALA Midwinter Meeting]

Action: Motion to adopt the subcommittee structure of the Stonewall Book Award Committee.


Item Facilitator: Round Table Chair


Vote: Yes


Supporting Information: At the 2014 Midwinter Meeting, the GLBTRT Board voted to split the Stonewall Book Award Committee into two subcommittees.  The board committed to revisiting this issue at the 2016 ALA Midwinter Meeting.  This issue is item 9 on the minutes from that meeting: http://connect.ala.org/node/217048

The motion language committing the board to this: The motion language was: Motion to split the existing sbac into 2 subcommittees, one for literature and non-fiction and one for Children and YA, with the notion in 2 years, we (the board) revisit this issue and decide if we want separate committees (i.e. literature and non-fiction).   


X. Future of Stonewall Book Awards Program (15 mins) [Scheduled for 2015 August Board Meeting]

Action: Motion to continue to make the Stonewall Book Awards event be a program consisting of a speaker and awards presentations.  The program will not require tickets.

Item Facilitator: Round Table Chair


Vote: Yes


Supporting Information: At the 2014 Annual Conference, the GLBTRT Board voted to pilot a new kind of Stonewall Awards event at 2015 Annual.  


The minutes item is as follows:

16. Discussion About Costs of the Social and Stonewall Book Awards Brunch
This item wasn't on the agenda, it grew out of discussion at the end of the meeting.
Due to cost considerations, do we want to change the Book Awards brunch event and replace it with just a presentation? Do we want the presentation done as part of the Social? If so, does that become a ticketed event? It was pointed out that we had a $6,000 deficit from our last event. Here in Las Vegas, we are losing money as the brunch tickets cost $55, but the charge to us from the hotel is $75. The idea of doing away with the brunch and making it a program slot with the awards and a speaker or two was raised. Is there another option?  A motion was made and passed that the San Francisco awards be done as a program with a speaker and no ticket as a trial to see how this scenario works. There will be a booklet and a bookmark done for the event. 
Taken from item 16 on the 2014 Annual Conference board meeting minutes: http://connect.ala.org/node/225623