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GODORT Exchange update - your contributions requested

Are you looking for new ideas for government information research guides? Do you have questions about how to manage an FDLP collection? Do you want to share a great handout or tutorial that you created with other librarians?  The GODORT Exchange is in development and with your contributions we can provide high quality centralized access to SpringShare LibGuides, tutorials, collection development policies, continuing education resources, and more.

Please check out the newly updated GODORT Exchange wiki page (http://wikis.ala.org/godort/index.php/Exchange) and see how easy it is to add information. You can click on the “Share your content for browsing” link to find help with uploading information to the Exchange. Based on the successful past experience of the Government Information Clearinghouse and Handout Exchange, sharing content allows you to save time and spark new ideas. Help your colleagues by contributing to the GODORT Exchange and enhance your knowledge by visiting the Exchange!

This message was cross posted to GOVDOC-L and DocTech-L.  Please excuse any duplication.