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Co-sponsored event: Careers in Federal Libraries Job Search Workshop

Sunday, January 26, 2014
3:00 pm to 4:30 pm, US/Eastern

Brought you by Careers in Federal Libraries and ALA Federal and Armed Forces Libraries Round Table

Job Search Workshop: Focus on Federal Librarianship!  Jumpstart your thinking about Federal librarianship, internships, and a career path that can take you all around the globe.  Students can learn about the variety of great practicum and virtual internship opportunities ... along with tips on how to land the right one for you!  Recent graduates can learn about the Presidential Management Fellows program, a fast track into government management.  Job seekers get tips on alternative career options and networking. This experience will help you now and throughout your career!

*The brilliant Jennifer Manning (CRS) who makes everyone want to work in the Knowledge Services division.  Her valuable CRS report on Federal opportunities continues to inform students and job seekers
*The fascinating Bianna Ine-Ryan (DIA) who makes working in a library sound like an adventure.  No doubt she brings in highly talented applicants who jump at the chance to be hired to earn a Masters in Strategic Intelligence om the Defense Intelligence University.
*The genius Marla Chesler (State and FEDLINK) who has a wealth of experience and a unique perspective on working in a tradition library or at a higher consortia level in Federal government
*The fabulous Richard Huffine (former FAFLRT President, Fed, and networker extraordinaire) who attracts all applicants into Federal government because they feel the possibilities are endless
*The incredible Angelique Simmons (former Army librarian, military spouse) who will share her experience working OCONUS and entering Federal government as a military spouse

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Is there a recording of this event? Thank you!