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Gale Cengage Financial Development Award


Gale Cengage Learning Financial Development Award

Press Release November 5, 2013


Do you know of a library that has had a successful library financial development program?  Recognize this successful project with a nomination for the Gale Cengage Learning Financial Development Award funded by Gale Cengage, Inc. 


Since 1985, The Gale Cengage Learning Award recognizes a library organization that has exhibited meritorious achievement in carrying out a library financial development project to secure alternative sources of funding.  The award recognizes an innovative, creative, well-organized project which successfully developed income from alternative sources. The alternative sources may include, but are not limited to: individual gifts, foundations, endowments, "challenge" grants, and related efforts. A variety of academic, public and school libraries have been the recipient of this award which honors a financial development project garnering new funding for library services.


Former award recipients include the University of Massachusetts at Amherst Library (2013), Cedar Rapids Public Library Foundation (2012), Princeton Public Library (2010), the New York University Bobst Library (1990) and the Friends of the Town of Pelham Library.  The award includes $2,500 and a 24k gold-framed citation. 


ALA is currently accepting nominations for theGale Cengage Learning Financial Development Award http://www.ala.org/awardsgrants/awards/210/apply,


For the first time in 2013 ALA is accepting online nominations at http://www.ala.org/tools/gale-cengage-learning-financial-development-award-application.  Nominations are to be submitted to ALA by December 1, 2013.  Selection of the awardee will be made by the end of February, 2014 and announced in early March 2014.  For additional information, contact Liz Bishoff, Award Jury Chair liz.bishoff@gmail.com or Cheryl Malden, ALA Governance Office, cmalden@ala.org



Barbara Burd, PhD

Dean of Library Services

Kimbel Library and Bryan Information Commons

Coastal Carolina University

P.O. Box 261954

Conway, SC 29528-6054