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Call For Proposals: What's Your Hot Topic?

The RUSA/MARS Hot Topics in Emerging Technology committee wants to know how you’re using tech to transform reference.

  • How are you handling reference for MOOCs?  For Makerspaces?
  • What apps, tools, or technologies are making a difference?  
  • How are you measuring the impact of your emerging-tech innovations?
  • Have you tried anything completely awesome or off-beat (like Google Glass)? How did it go? What should we know for our own experiments?

If you have a HOT innovation that you’d like to share during our Midwinter 2014 discussion group, summarize your story and tell us about it: http://goo.gl/oOSzi6.  Proposals for 20 minute presentations will be accepted until November 25, 2013.

Questions? Comments? Curiosities? Contact Beth Boatright at overhaue@ipfw.edu