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Hi Everyone,

Welcome to the AASL ABC/CLIO Leadership Grant Committee.  I am Annemarie Roscello this year's chair. 

We will start our work shortly, after the deadline for the award, February 1, 2014.  In the meantime please take a look at the award criteria, http://www.ala.org/aasl/awards/leadership.

I am happy to be chairing this committee.  By day I'm the full time Faculty Development Chair at Bergen Community College in northern NJ.  In addition I spend about 15 hours a week in the Library teaching.  Although I have been the chair of FD for the past 4 years I have just had all of my time reassigned to this effort.  Up until a month ago, I was the Information Literacy Coordinator here at the College and have been her for the past 12 years.  Before that I was in a high school.

Please take a moment to introduce yourselves.  I am planning on doing all of this committee's work virtually.  Therefore, we will not meet at Midwinter however the award will be given at Annual and it would be lovely if some could come to the lunch where the award is given.

I look forward to working with everyone.


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Hi all,
My name is Kathy Brooks. I am a high school media specialist at a very large urban school. We have over 3000 students in grades 10-12. We have a separate ninth grade center with about 2000 students. I was an elementary media specialist for seven years before moving to high school. I have been at the high school for six years now.

In my spare time, besides reading lots of books, mostly memoirs, I make jewelry. I am hoping to have a second career with jewelry after I retire from the library.

I am an empty nester. My two sons are in college. I live with my dog and cat.

Kathy Hicks-Brooks, NBCT
BDHS School Librarian
MSD of Wayne Township
AASL Affiliate Assembly Representative (2012)
PH: 317-988-7308

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Hi there,


I'm Meg Finney and this is my very first committee appointment for ALA, so I'm very excited to be here!

I'm currently the SLMS for Memorial High School in Millville, NJ. I've moved into the building just this year after working at two Elementary schools. Prior to that, I worked for several years with the Drexel University Libraries system.

I love my new position and am currently working on bringing this library space and collection up to speed, collaborating with teachers, and instilling myself in curriculum-writing and research methods. 

So glad to be here!





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The awards database closed on February 8th and we have worked this week to ensure that all applications are accounted for, that committee members are set up in the system for online reviews, and that communications have been updated.  There are a few loose ends, and our technology partners need to do some inputting, but we anticipate, at the very latest, committee members receiving an email notification late next week with instructions for reviews. 

I will be traveling out of the country February 15-26 but have passed on all necessary information to Meg Featheringham to be the staff liaison in my absence.  Meg worked on the awards last summer during a staff transition so you are in very able hands.  Don't hesitate to reach out to her if you, or any of your committee members run into technical issues (mfeatheringham@ala.org). 

I will try to check email periodically but unless critical my response may be delayed until my return.  If anyone has not received a notification  regarding accessing their applications for review by noon next Friday please contact AASL (mfeatheringham@ala.org) since time is limited for reviews.

Thank you,


We should be getting to work by this coming weekend.


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Hi All,

I just sent and email trying to find out where our submissions are so we can get our scoring done.  I'll keep you updated.


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Hi All,

Has everyone received their instructions to score our 2 applicants?  If not please let me know ASAP.  Scoring must be completed by 3/12.


Thank you,



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Hello Everyone,

Thank you for ranking our submissions for the ABC/Clio Leadership Award.  The winner this year will be Janet Wells.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.


Thank you,