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ALA Mid Winter 2014 Participation?



FAFLRT is accepting nominations for Federal Director, which is open to any librarian in a federal library, as well as for an Armed Forces Director to represent the Navy and Marine Corps. Directors will serve for two years, and serve through the close of the annual ALA conference of the membership year for which they were elected. The federal and armed forces directors ensure that the interests of their communities are addressed by the board and the Round Table as a whole, and may be appointed to perform special projects or to serve as liaisons or on committees. We need nominations as well for President (2015-2016), for Secretary (2014-2016).


FAFLRT is also seeking volunteers to serve on the Awards and Fundraising Committees. Here is information regarding the Awards and Scholarships offered by FAFLRT: http://www.ala.org/faflrt/initiatives/awards

Help get the work out!




Virginia Sanchez

MA - I.R.L.S.

FAFLRT President, 2013-2014