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Participation for Extra Life

Does anyone participate in Extra Life as a part of your gaming events? Our library is hosting an event on November 2nd and since Extra Life is rather open with when the event is held, we were thinking of combining the Game-A-Thon with International Games Day. 

It combines fund-raising for local children's hospitals with gaming at the library and seems like an easy win. Any tips?

We currently have the event sponsored on Meetup.com and encourage our adult gaming group to play, donate or take a leadership role and promote. Our goal is modest $250 and we are currently at $95 so we like the engagement.

Part of the reason I like this is because it gets our 18+ gamers into the game!

~ John Pappas

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I'm not combining them this year because I learned of it too late, but might consider it next year. Our dorms here on campus are participating. I think it is great that you are combining them.


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Sounds like a dorm competition would be a perfect meta-game!

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Thanks for talking about Extra Life.  I'm going to look into this for my high school Gaming club and a local gaming community group.

One suggestion for you.  Find out if there are any gaming conventions in your area.  They might be willing to partner with you and help get the word out.  Many gaming conventions are non-profit and very charity-focused.