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RTCA meeting notes and attendance roster

Apologies for being tardy with these.  

Many thanks to Katherine Trouern-Trend for her not-taking during our June meeting.  If you read something that is inaccurate, it is my doing, as I added in information from my own scanty notes.  Please post any comments, corrections, etc., to this site.

And if there are corrections to the roster, post here also.

I am retired now, one big reason I took so long to finish up these lists, and am leaving on a retirement get-away tomorrow--so new RTCA leader/RT rep. to the Conference Committee Kawanna Bright will need to handle these updates.

I wish the RTCA well and hope you can keep up energy and momentum, and can enlarge the RT role in ALA and work collaboratively on even more projects and programs.


Mary McInroy