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Scheduling for Annual Conference: Do not schedule your programs!

The Midwinter meeting request form will close soon and the Annual Conference meeting request form will open within the next few weeks.

Because we have had some misunderstandings about this in recent years, I wanted to clarify that **staff will take care of entering your programs and preconferences into the meeting request form.** **You or your section scheduler should not enter your programs or preconferences--doing so will create duplicate entries, and will cause significant problems from both a marketing and logistics standpoint.**

Remember that when entering meetings, you can only see the meetings you personally have created, so only staff will be able to see the scheduled programs.

Please convey this information to your section scheduler as appropriate. Thanks for your help!

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Embedding  Librarians in Virtual Communities


Valerie Hill, PhD
Adjunct Instructor
Texas Woman’s University
School of Library and Information Studies
Email  vhilledu@gmail.com

Dr. Valerie Hill is a teacher librarian in Lewisville I.S.D. and an adjunct instructor at Texas Woman's University's School of Library and Information Studies. Her research area is the use of virtual worlds in libraries and information services and as educational immersive learning environments to teach information literacy in global participatory digital culture. She is a National Writing Project trainer with interests that include children's and young adult literature, storytelling, multi-media, and human-computer interaction.

Angela Colmenares
Assistant Professor, Instruction Librarian
Education Librarian
Newton Gresham Library
Email  anc034@shsu.edu

Angela Colmenares is the Instruction Librarian and an Assistant Professor at Sam Houston State University. At the Newton Gresham Library, she coordinates research instruction for undergraduates, providing research workshops for first year students as well as graduate education students. She also manages the campus-wide embedded librarian program. Along with research services, she provides training to students and faculty on accessing library e-books on mobile devices and serves as the plagiarism detection trainer for the campus. Her current research projects focus on assessing the impact of embedded librarians within learning management systems.

Douglas Campbell, MLS, MA, MDiv
Librarian to the Mayborn School of Journalism
University of North Texas Libraries
Email  Douglas.Campbell@unt.edu

Doug Campbell is a Research and Instructional Services librarian at the University of North Texas. He is also the library liaison to the Mayborn School of Journalism, reference coordinator in Willis Library, and co-supervisor of six graduate library assistants. He has over fifteen years of experience in academic and public libraries.

Lilly Ramin

Instructor-Undergraduate Studies, Librarian II-Libraries, Research & Instructional Services
University of North Texas Libraries
Email  lilly.ramin@unt.edu


Lilly Ramin is an instructional technologies librarian at the University of North Texas.  She has experience in teaching and embedding information literacy in both physical and virtual settings and has served a virtual reference coordinator.



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I've added these speakers. Thanks, Valerie!