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Kimberly Bailey's picture

DLS Communications Committee Meeting - Thursday, Sept. 26, 2013 - Minutes

Attached please find the minutes from today's meeting.  Thank you all for a great meeting!


Kathleen Pickens's picture

These look great--thanks for handling them!

Jennifer Jensen's picture

Hi Everybody,

I added myself back on this thing - not sure what happened-so now, I will get the notice of meetings again.

Am I still on Twitter assignment? I have no problem continuing that with Bill unless someone else really wants to take a crack at it.

Also my email is changing slightly:

FROM: jenjensen@browardlibrary.org

TO: jenjensen@broward.org

Please update that in your email lists as eventually the transition will no longer allow emails to the old address. (I just updated it with ALA also)

Thank you,

Jennifer Jensen

William Hemmig's picture

Hi Jen,

We're both continuing with Twitter if that works for you.


William Hemmig
Online Learning Librarian
Bucks County community College
Newtown, PA

Jennifer Jensen's picture

Hi Bill-

Yes, that is fine with me to continue on with the Twitter feed with you!

Jennifer Jensen


Jennifer Jensen,  Librarian I

Libraries Division - Hallandale Beach Branch

300 South Federal Highway, Hallandale Beach, FL 33009

Office: 954-357-6380 Fax: 954-357-5324


Jennifer Diffin's picture

Hi Kim,

The minutes look good. I will be at both Midwinter and Annual. I'm not sure how long I will be at Midwinter as I am mostly going for a LLAMA meeting.

Jen Diffin

Kimberly Bailey's picture

Darcy has contacted me and requested to be on the web pages.  Therefore, Joscelyn will be the second person monitoring the DLS Section page of ALA Connect with Jennifer Diffin.  Remember to post all applicable information our DLS Communications page of ALA Connect with a POST THIS as the heading.  This should generate an email to all other members to post to their assigned areas.   Thanks everyone for a great meeting!  If anyone has questions on their assignments, please contact me.



Kimberly M. Bailey Reference/Instruction Librarian University of Pittsburgh