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Invitation: MAGIRT Cartographic Resources and RDA Cataloging listserv

Dear Colleagues,

At the most recent ALCTS CaMMS/MAGIRT Cartographic Resources Cataloging Interest Group at ALA Annual we discussed creating a dedicated forum for discussing the cataloging of cartographic materials using RDA.

The new MAGIRT RDA (magirt-rda@ala.org) listserv is devoted solely to the cataloging of cartographic materials using RDA and related topics.

The list is intended to provide an ongoing and open forum for the cartographic resources community to discuss topics, exchange ideas, pose questions, and receive answers about using RDA to catalog all types of cartographic materials. In addition to providing an informal and welcoming environment for discussion, we hope that the list will help to inform the development of a set of MAGIRT RDA cataloging “best practices” for the cartographic resources community.

Anyone is welcome to subscribe to the list (you do not need to be an ALA or MAGIRT member to join).

To subscribe:

Visit: http://lists.ala.org/sympa/info/magirt-rda

If you already have an e-mail address registered for an ALA list service, login using your existing e-mail address and password. Otherwise register your e-mail by clicking on the "First Login?" link on the left side column.

After you have logged in to your account and are on the magirt-rda page, click on "Subscribe" on the left side column. This page is also where you may manage your subscriptions settings.

Once you are subscribed, you may send e-mail to the list using the address: magirt-rda@ala.org

Messages sent to the list by subscribers are NOT MODERATED, so please double check that the message you are sending is intended for everyone on the list.

If you have any questions or comments about the magirt-rda mailing list, please contact one of the list owners directly: Marc McGee (mmcgee@fas.harvard.edu) or Bojana Skarich (skarichb@msu.edu)

We look forward to your participation in the magirt-rda community.

For more information about MAGIRT please visit: http://www.ala.org/magirt/


Marc McGee
Bojana Skarich

On behalf of the ALCTS CaMMS/MAGIRT Cartographic Resources Cataloging Interest Group