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Minutes from HoLT (Heads of Library Technology) LITA IG ALA Annual 2013

Heads of Library Technology (HoLT) Interest Group

ALA Annual Meeting 2013 

Saturday, June 29th, 2013
3pm to 4pm, US/Central (-6)

Chair: Evviva Weinraub (outgoing), Vice-Chair/Incoming Chair Meg Brown-Sica (leading meeting), Incoming Vice-Chair (Hong Ma) (notetaker)

1. Announcements regarding events of interest at ALA Annual.

2. Introductions and explanation of the purpose of the group. Information about the email list and ALA Connect site ()lita-holt@ala.org and http://connect.ala.org/node/66223

3. Introductions of attendees.

4. Discussion about ideas for future meetings/programs from the IG.

5. Presentations and followup questions/discussion, etc.

    1. Content in Context
      Presenter: Kelly Sattler, Head of Web Services, Michigan State University
    2. Celebrating Student Creativity:  Digital Wallpaper Competition          Presenter: Sara Brownmiller, Head, Library Systems, University of Oregon Libraries
    3. What is the Future of Systems Librarian and Systems Librarianship?         Presenters: Cindy Li, Director of Digital Library Technology and Services, Sacred Heart University; Hong Ma, Information Systems Librarian, University of Miami
    4. Wisconsin Center for the Book Redesign and its Conversion into a RWD Format
      Presenter: Robert L Nunez IIEmerging Technologies LibrarianMarquette University
    5. Getting Around to Being Strategic
      Presenter: Rice MajorsDirector for Libraries ITUniversity of Colorado, Boulder


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