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Jonna Ashley (staff)'s picture

Affiliate Assembly Concern Discussion #1

Hi AASL Board of Directors,

At Annual Conference, the Affiliate Assembly passed five concerns to be sent to the Board.   Over the next three weeks, the concerns will be posted on Connect and open for discussion.  Please post your thoughts, ideas, questions, and concerns.  If you know of additional resources, etc. that could inform our discussion, please post those as well. 

These discussions will be used to formulate the Board's response.  Some may also lead to Board votes at Midwinter or via Connect.

Here is the first concern, please post your comments/discussions by Monday September 30:

Name and Contact Information of Affiliate Organization

Sue Bartle, NYLA-Section of School Librarians


State Concern

Many school librarians are utilizing the Crosswalk of the Common Core Standards and the Standards for the 21st-Century Learner. Upon examination of the documents, concerns have been expressed about the inconsistency of standards across grade-levels. Lack of focus and identification of standards that librarians own, teach, and assess.


Action (if any) taken by Affiliate Organization

Affiliates and local librarians are identifying focus standards within their own organizations.


Action Requested of AASL

Review and update the Crosswalk of the Common Core Standards and the Standards for the 21st-Century Learner for consistency and flow. Collect examplars from state affiliates’ crosswalks that focus on the standards that librarians own, teach and assess. Publish refined Crosswalk.

1- Concern Crosswalk Update.pdf37.18 KB
Jonna Ashley (staff)'s picture

If you tried to comment on this post, and are now unable to see what was posted, please let me know ASAP (jashley@ala.org). I recieved some feedback that the comments weren't coming through. Thanks!

Gail Dickinson's picture

So....what do you think?  Is this something that sounds doable?

Gail Dickinson, Associate Professor Old Dominion University Norfolk, Virginia

Catherine G. Evans's picture

I think this is doable, and something that needs to be addressed.  Frankly, when I looked at the crosswalk I found it to be a little daunting.  If there is a way we could streamline it, that would be great.  I also like the idea of examples from the field.   


Kathy Carroll's picture

I agree that there is a need to make the Crosswalk and Standards more accessible, so I am happy to see that Affiliates and local librarians are working on them within their organizations.  While I think it is a good idea for AASL to make this site more cohesive and manageable, how are we to gather the data various organizations are acquiring? Is there a method in place for states’ submissions?  Who will make the final decisions and ultimately implement these changes? This may become more involved than initially thought so while changes are needed, perhaps we will need a temporary group (would this be a task force?) to work on creating efficient ways to gather information and to restructure the sites. 

Kathy Carroll Library Media Specialist National Board Certified Teacher Westwood High School  (803) 491-4049  Ext. 36073

Susan Nickel (non-member)'s picture

Well said, Kathy!


Susan Nickel (non-member)'s picture

This is something that sounds doable. The Crosswalk could be more user-friendly.

Jody Howard's picture

I agree with the other comments. This is doable and I really like having exemplars from the field.

Jody K. Howard, Ph.D.