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Two questions for our Committee members

Hello MARS/RSS VR Services committee!

As co-chairs, Alisa and I would like to find out about your availability for meeting at ALA Midwinter held in Philadelphia (http://alamw14.ala.org/).    We'd like to arrange for a discussion forum during Midwinter, focused upon our mission and future planning.  Your participation is needed!  Please respond to the follow two questions when you get a chance:

1.  Are you going to Midwinter in January (1/24-28, 2014)? 

2.  Forum Discussion Topics:  Besides our primary interest in discussing our mission and possible future projects, we'd like to hear from you about any subjects you'd like to cover. 


-Cathay and Alisa


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hi all,

1.  I won't be able to attend Midwinter. if there is a virtual meeting, I can attend. And for now, I'm planning on attending Annual.


2.  A colleague of mine from UC Irvine recently did a webinar on transcripts and trying to identify
positive words and phrases that create a "good" transaction (what words do people use to indicate interest, for example).

If the Virtual Reference Committee is looking for an interactive topic for a program, they (she worked with her colleague Caitlin Plovnik) would be happy to work with us on something. The interactive element would be bringing examples of transcripts and have groups examine them to pinpoint what works well and discuss how they could incorporate specific language/behaviors into their own practice.

If there is interest, you can contact her directly: Cynthia Johnson (cynthiaj@uci.edu)



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Thanks Gayatri, for the update on your attendance at Midwinter and the information about a potential presenter!  That's helpful! -Cathay

Cathay Keough Statewide Coordinator Delaware Reference Services Group (includes Ask a Librarian Delaware) and DLA Executive Director (cathay.keough@lib.de.us).