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LITA Open Source Interest Group

Chair for 2012/2013: Galen Charlton

The LITA Open Source Interest Group met at ALA Midwinter on Saturday, January 26. Approximately 10 people were in attendance.  Members present shared their experiences with open source in libraries, including open source integrated library systems and digitization software.

The Open Source Interest Group met at ALA in Chicago on June 29.  Again, approximately 10 people were in attendance.  The discussion revolved around the focus of this group. Should it be focused on open source integrated library systems, library-specific open source software or any open source product that might be used in libraries? The consensus was that it should not be limited at this time. The group also discussed possible ALA presentations.  Of interest is the experience of sponsoring development in the open source environment.  Sponsoring webinars is also desirable.  One suggested topic was what are the skills needed to evaluate and manage open source products? 

Respectfully submitted by Vicki Teal Lovely, incoming chair.