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Agenda, September 20, 2013

ASCLA Executive Committee


September 20, 2013

12:30pm PT / 1:30 MT / 2:30 CT / 3:30 ET

Landing page for meeting documents: http://connect.ala.org/node/65261?gh=30657  


 1. President’s update – Laughlin 

  • Replacements: Secretary position:
    • Tracy Bylerly has been appointed in the interim
    • Lisa Priebe/Director-at-Large has resigned and Tiffany Lanette Bradford-Oldham has accepted appointment in the interim
    • Tracy Byerly has accepted the Secretary appointment and we now need a Designated Director, Library Cooperatives and Networks, to replace her in the interim
  • President’s Program update
  • Other

 2. Executive Director update – Hornung

  • Changes to consider for conference:
    • Eliminate official reception at Midwinter and put funds towards additional food at Annual event that doubles as awards reception; instead, hold an informal ASCLA/COSLA happy hour at conference hotel bar at Midwinter (Conference Services will work with us on the details of this) - no costs to ASCLA for this event
    • Change date from Sunday to Saturday
    • Change time from 8-10pm to 7-8:30pm
    • Invite non-Midwinter participants who are ASCLA members from local geographic area
  • Trip  update: Southern France has been cancelled; Liz and Michael are working on a San Francisco trip in April 2014 and possible other trip (TBA). San Francisco would include places like a Napa Valley tour, possible tours of State Library and/or innovative libraries suggested by the membership in the area, library for the blind, etc.
  • Accessibility Academy online tutorial update; marketing plan almost done and will be implemented next week; transcript ordered for those with screen readers.
  • Budget update: at first close, we have a $12,000+ surplus. 
  • Preconference budget performance – Good revenue stream; expenses remain high as well as overhead; consider no preconferences/institutes in future and convert them into virtual offerings
  • Programs and preconferences/institutes have been approved for FY2014. 3 institutes:
  • Library Consultants institute
  • Design of online courses – how to
  • Leadership institute by Linda Bruno: RUSA will send a maximum of 20 people to this and pay $100 of the fee for each.
    • Staff Transitions
    • Webinars and courses proposals: 4 webinars and one course have been sent to Yolanda and the online learning committee to review and recommend for approval. Titles are:
    • Gender Diverse Literature for Young Adults, Kids, and the Young-at-Heart: A 101 Guide to the Reference Interview with our Transgender Patrons
    • Revamp Your Personal Finance Collection
    • How Transmedia Storytelling Can Transform Literacy and Learning
    • Outreach Book Clubs: Venturing Outside the Library Walls
    • Online Course: Going to jail: how juvenile books portray the prison experience (Kate Todd)
  • Online orientation for committee chairs
  • Other

3. Emerging Leader Project: The submission deadline for EL projects is Oct. 11, 2013 (more information here: http://www.ala.org/educationcareers/emerging-leaders-project-proposal-submission-guidelines). Does ASCLA want to submit a project? - DISCUSSION - ALL

 4. Need official procedure for ASCLA standards; interest groups are asking – DISCUSSION - ALL

 5. Agenda for Chicago Executive Committee meeting in October: review of suggested items from last meeting:

  • a. Emerging Leaders Projects: submitting EL project proposals and operationalizing this for the future
  • b. Calendarizing online CE offerings
  • c. Strategic Plan
  • d. Business Plan
  • e. Budget
  • f. Publishing Questions For ALA:  Ebooks, On Demand, Publications Of Standards [***Susan Get Someone from ALA Publishing to come to the meeting and answer questions/talk to us about our options]

6. Next meeting: Please bring your calendar to the September meeting so we can confirm November’s meeting day and time.

Rev. September 19, 2013