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LITA International Relations Committee 2013 ALA Annual Report

LITA International Relations Committee - ALA Annual 2013 Meeting

Date: 06/29/2013

Attendees: Jason Battles (chair), Colleen Cuddy (board liaison), Sai Deng, and Xiaohua Li


The LITA International Relations Committee discussed a variety of approaches to building ties to international colleagues and engaging international participants in ALA and LITA. Much of our discussion pertained to specific efforts the committee could make to reach out to international librarians to engage them in LITA activities.

1. Working with LITA and ALA to sponsor an international colleague’s attendance at ALA Annual in 2014. It is my understanding that Colleen approached the LITA Board about this idea in Chicago. This could also be done for the LITA Forum as well. It was recommended that the committee talk to the LITA office about locating a vendor to sponsor. The Medical Library Association’s Cunningham Fellow was suggested as a model for this effort.

2. The committee had previously discussed creating an online resource to highlight international library technology projects. That idea was tabled in favor of what attendees considered a more manageable and impactful approach to resource sharing. LITA provides multiple free online learning opportunities. If we could package and deliver these courses, webinars, etc. to colleagues across the globe, especially in developing areas, it could have a significant effect.    

3. A more immediate item discussed for this year’s LITA Forum was having members of the International Relations Committee host a dinner for international attendees. This could take place as an option for the networking dinner or be held separately on the first night of the Forum (Friday, November 8, 2013). I was agreed that we would contact the Forum Planning Committee chair to discuss.  

4. The committee members in attendance were committed to expanding and showcasing the IRC’s activities through the aforementioned items as well as liaison work with ALA’s International Relations Round Table, possible activity at the ALA registration table for international attendees, and continued evaluation of our colleagues’ activities throughout the world.