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Margaret Heller's picture

Meeting Report September 9, 2013

Action items in bold.

Present: Margaret Heller (chair), Megan Banasek, Andy Boze, Sai Deng, Melissa Prentice, Coral Sheldon-Hess, Berika Williams

  • Apologies for the technical difficulties! Hopefully we will get this sorted out in future calls.
  • This was a very informal meeting where we introduced ourselves and talked about what we’d done. Due to technical difficulties I don’t think everyone caught everyone else’s introductions, so respond to the conference call meeting event with an introductory comment.
  • Logistics:
    • Ideally we will schedule one conference call a month to check in on projects. Not everyone will be expected to be at every meeting, but we will do our best to make sure we can check in regularly. The smaller project groups can meet however they like; just make sure to check in with the larger group at the big meeting.
    • Most of the committee will be at Midwinter in January 2014; Margaret will be on maternity leave and won’t be there. Margaret will try to schedule a meeting room with internet so she can call in, but we need volunteer chair in person. Andy will represent the committee at the all-chairs meeting as he has in prior years.
    • Action item: In the next couple of weeks, get started or complete the ALA Drupal training—this will get us access to edit the LITA site: http://www.ala.org/support/drupal. (Coral has this already if anything happens in the mean time).
    • LITA Blog:
      • We are no longer responsible for content on this site. We continue to be responsible for on-going maintenance. I can get people admin accounts. Action item: If you are familiar with Wordpress and want to help with this, let me know.
      • Project planning:
        • There are few projects that continue from last year, but most of them are winding down.
        • By the next meeting in October, we should have a list of potential projects for 2013-2014. By the end of October (i.e. after the meeting and a little time to work) we should have a well-defined list of projects (2-3), as well as another list of 2-3 bigger long term projects that could be discussed further at Midwinter.
        • We can also define on-going maintenance or other tasks that need to be done on a regular basis but aren’t part of larger projects.
        • Action items: Margaret will create an online doc on Connect for brainstorming. All committee members should edit this by October 9 for further discussion at October 10 meeting.
        • We determined that Thursday, October 10 at 2:30 central time would be a good time for next meeting time. This will be a Google Hangout and/or Skype depending on attendance.


Jodie Gambill's picture

Thanks for these meeting notes, Margaret! Here are a few responses to the action items:

  • I will not be at Midwinter, just fyi.
  • I also have editing rights on the LITA website, so I can be backup for Coral as needed. I did the Drupal training a couple of years ago when I started on the NMRT Web Committee.
  • Wordpress ongoing maintenance -- I assume that means Wordpress upgrades, plugin upgrades/installations/etc.? I have not worked that closely with Wordpress before, but I'm very comfortable with the equivalent in Drupal. So, if no one else steps up, I can probably figure it out...but I bet we have some Wordpress experts already on the committee!
  • I'll take a look at the brainstorming doc.
  • I have the next meeting on my calendar and should be able to attend.



Bohyun Kim's picture

Doing the same as what Jodie did. :)

  • Won't be at Midwinter but will be at LITA forum fyi
  • I have done the ALA Drupal training so I can help with whatever needed while others catch up.
  • I will talk to LITA TTT committee for their microsite if anything else needs to be done.
  • I will be at the Oct. meeting.
  • Will look at the brainstrorming doc too.


Megan Drake's picture

Seems to be a good idea to do AI responses in the comments.  :)

  • I will be at Midwinter
  • I completed the Drupal training a year or two ago so I can also help out where needed.
  • I've done some Wordpress work, but it was ages ago.  I've done similar work on other platforms, so if we don't have any Wordpress experts, I can help out.
  • I'll take a look at the brainstorming doc
  • I'll be at the October meeting.