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Testing out this community for the IAmRUSA project

David Tyckoson's picture

Hello, everyone.  I am RUSA -- and decided to demonstrate that fact by creating a video that talks about me and the benefits of RUSA.  You can watch it at It's a little long, but well worth the time it takes to watch.  My wife calls it a RUSA Infommercial  -- see what you think.

Please send me questions -- about me, about reference, about the video, about RUSA, about life, about anything (Remember, I am a reference librarian so I should be able to look something up when I do not know the answer!).  I'll give you an answer -- and it should be right 55% of the time.

Now two questions for you:

1.  The opening shot of the video was inspired by what major motion picture (and I know that you all have seen it, since it is always on some cable channel)?

2.  What is the inspiration for the 55% quip that I mentioned above?

Five imaginary points to the first person who answers each of those questions (and you never know when you might need five additional imaginary points!).


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