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2014 ACRL/CJCLS Nominations

CJCLS Colleagues,

Next Spring, our Community & Junior College Libraries Section will elect a
vice-chair and secretary. Will you be one of those persons? We hope you will
consider taking the next step to add your name to our ballot.   We understand
that some of you may wish to get a year or two more experience on a committee,
serve as a chair, or jump to a different committee to learn about the other
work being done in the Section.  We hope, though, that one or more of you will
say, "It's my turn to give section leadership a try."

The Section vice-chair's job is to prepare one’s self for serving as the
chair in the following year. This is a 3-year commitment, one as vice-chair
(2014-2015), one as chair (2015-2016), and the last as past-chair (2016-2017).

Please be advised that vice-chair candidates will be expected to represent the
section at ACRL leadership meetings, including Leadership Council (1:30 - 4:00
p.m., June 27, 2014) at the 2014 ALA Annual Conference in Las Vegas. They will
continue to represent the section at leadership sessions at the Midwinter and
Annual conferences during their term as vice-chair and chair.

Because of that I am including the following about both the vice- and the chair

The chair shall

    preside at all meetings of the Section,
    act as chief administrative officer of the Section,
    make appointments to all ad hoc committees and fill committee vacancies as
    serve ex-officio on all Section committees except the Nominations
    perform other duties as required by the position.

The vice-chair shall

    preside in the absence of the chair,
    make appointments effective in the year she/he will serve as chair, perform
other duties as required by the position.

The secretary shall

    Preside in the absence of the chair, vice-chair, and immediate past-chair
(in such case appointing a secretary pro tem),
    Take and distribute minutes for all Executive Committee meetings, the
Section’s annual meeting, and any special meetings.

One of the roles of any committee is to "grow leaders." We hope that you will
consider this rewarding next step in your service to the profession.  Our
ballot deadline is iday, September 13.  Please call me if you have any
questions, wish to have your name placed onto the ballot, or wish to nominate
someone else. Please consider this leadership opportunity.

Thank you,

Sara Metz