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Susan Wortman's picture

Virtual Meeting Notes - August 16, 2013

Here is a brief synopsis of our Google Hangout meeting that took place this afternoon at 2:00 EST
We went through what is currently on the Google Docs page, 
http://tinyurl.com/SWselectorstoolkit section by section, talked about what needed to be worked on and what sections were near completion.
We mentioned that some sections were duplicating current resources and that we might not want to create a repetition of something already created. People felt this how and where the guide was finally published would clarify whether we needed to duplicate efforts or use link to other resources. 


We talked about how to go about publishing this. I mentioned that I contacted the publishers of the Sudden Selector's Guides to see if there would be interest in a social work resources guide. Other members of the EBSS Social Work/Social Welfare committee were not interested in pursuing this. They mentioned that printed guides like this become dated quickly and that this would be a lot of work. We will not pursue this as a committee. 


Other publishing options mentioned were the EBSS wiki and Wordpress. Communication Studies used the EBSS wiki platform for a similar guide. Laura Kottutsky explored using WordPress to publish the guide. This group talked with Sara Memmott, who is our liaison to the EBSS Publications and Communications Committee about the process we would need to go through to publish this guide. Sara will check into this and let us know within the next 2 weeks. There was concern that a guide would not be findable if we used the EBSS wiki. Sara and members will experiment with current EBSS wikis and see if this is a legitimate concern. 


We currently don't have anyone taking the lead for the open access section so we will work on updating this area together. If someone wants to volunteer to spearhead this section please speak up! We talked about including an introduction to the section along with other resources on OA, like the DOAJ and others. 
We agreed that each section should include a brief introduction and that each resource should include in it's description why it's included.
Our next steps will be to explore both the EBSS wiki and WordPress, get word from the Publications Communications Committee on process and platform and then start working to get this resource published. 
We will be in touch via email or ALA Connect. 
Sue Wortman

Sara Memmott's picture

I checked with the Publications and Communications Committee chairs, and since this is a revision, not a new publication, we do not need to submit any of the official publications forms.  However, the committee would appreciate an opportunity to give the revision of Social Work Selector's Toolkit a quick review when it is complete.

The ACRL wiki will not be a good option for hosting the Toolkit.  I noticed that there had been a lot of spam added to the wiki (though luckily no vandalism of EBSS pages.) I contacted ACRL and they said that they do not have resources to really support ongoing wiki maintenance or security. So while ACRL also said we can continue using the wiki, they encourage units to look into hosting content elsewhere.

- Sara Memmott 

Anne Larrivee's picture

What has ACRL/ALA said about lending a webpage hosted through their site. Maybe they could put in the information if it was copied and pasted to them via email. The group could continue to collaborate through google docs? and email periodic updates each few months?



Sara Memmott's picture

Hi Ann,

Sorry I didn't add this information - we can certainly keep our content on the EBSS web site - that's where the current/old version of the toolbox is hosted: http://www.ala.org/acrl/aboutacrl/directoryofleadership/sections/ebss/ebsswebsite/social/toolbox/soctoolbox.

The disadvantage is that only EBSS web editors have access to edit or create content on the official site.  I'm currently one of the web editors, so I can edit directly. Others would need to send updates to me (or a future web editor); we couldn't do collaborative editing as we could on a wiki or another site.

Susan Wortman's picture

I think the fact that the editing is not collaborative is one of the main reasons why the current guide on the EBSS web site is so out of date. That was why we started looking into other options. It also puts a lot of work on our web editor even if we work as a group to try and keep it updated by passing on edits to her/him. 

I'll contact Laura and see if has anything we can explore using WordPress. 


Thanks for reporting back Sara and for your comments, Anne. Feel free to keep the conversation going. 



Anne Larrivee's picture

Oh okay, it's good to know that we have a site. Perhaps we can schedule bi-annual reviews to make sure all the links are current. I like the idea of having a place on the web because it seems more authoritative and easier to manage than a blog/wiki. 

However, I'm not opposed to a blog that tracks new resources---I just think this would serve a different purpose than a toolkit.

Another idea is to compile the data into one electronic file and release the pdf/word document to all new ebss members. This could be updated/released in the same way a newsletter is released.