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August 22 Board meeting - Prework

Hi, everyone,

I'm creating this as an online discussion with attachments/links rather than posting it as a document in our meeting's folder so that you can take the next week to review the information and leave any initial thoughts here, should you desire.  It also feels more public this way. :)

Comments from LITA members outside the Board are also welcome!

Two of the attachments/links are:

The third attachment is included for your information, but we may not get to the meat of it.  It includes the 2010 Strategic Goals but also the Objectives.

At our meeting in Chicago, we agreed that our most important strategic goals for the year centered around stabilizing the budget, growing membership, and engaging members. (correct me if I'm remembering that wrong!)  I hope that at the end of our meeting next week that we'll have a document that states these, perhaps a couple more, that we can share with our membership.

Talk to you next week!  Meanwhile, comment at will. :)