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Bookjoy Around the World, October 18-20

USBBY hosts the 10th IBBY Regional Conference in October at the new St. Louis Public Library.  

Featured speakers include Ashley Bryan and Pat Mora, creators of the 2013 International Children's Book Day poster, Peter Sis the 2012 recipient of the Hans Christian Andersen Award, Bryan Collier and Jacqueline Woodson, 2014 illustrator and author nominees for the Hans Christian Andersen award as well as Katherine Paterson, Andrea Chang, Simon Elkeles, Sara Farizan, Gregory Maguire and Louise May. International speakers include: Mem Fox, Ifeoma Onyfulu, Siobhán Parkinson and Klaas Verplancke. There is still time to register

In addition to these key speakers, there are workshops, special exhibits, book discussions and poster sessions.

Here is a preview of the outstanding workshops, but check out the USBBY website for all the details.

Identity and Depiction
"Mask and Veil: Representations of Dual Identity in Art Spiegelman´s Maus and Marjane Satrapi´sPersepolis"
Presenter: Taraneh Matloob, Oakland University, MI

"Beyond the Dreidel: Evaluating the Depiction of the Jewish American Experience in Children´s Literature"
Presenter: Lisa Silverman, Sinai Akiba Academy, Los Angeles

Library Programming with a Global Focus
"Bringing the World to Your Library: Incorporating International Books into Everyday Practice"
Presenter: Robin L. Gibson, Westerville (Ohio) Public Library

"Diverse Voices, Digital Narratives: Connecting Children, Books, and Digital Media to Promote Bookjoy Around the World"
Presenter: Jamie Campbell Naidoo, University of Alabama

Immigration in YA Books
"Displacement Narratives: Displacing Authentic Voice or Addressing an Authentic Gap?"
Presenters: Holly Johnson, University of Cincinnati; Rebecca Gasiewicz, University of Cincinnati; Jessica Wertz, University of Cincinnati; and Craig West, University of Cincinnati

Writing about Tough Topics for Teens
Author Conversation: Sara Farizen and Simone Elkeles

Emerging African Artists and Writers
Author’s Perspective: Ifeoma Onyefulu

"Joyful News from South African Creators of Children´s Books"
Presenter: Barbara Lehman, Ohio State University, Mansfield

Using Special Collections
"Building Bloch´s: The Artistry of International Sensation Serge Bloch from Bayard´s Bible to the Tweets of Steve Martin"
Presenter: Neal Sokol, St. Louis, MO

"Resources for Children´s Literature Study in Special Collections and Archives"
Presenter: Karen Hoyle, St. Paul, MN

Celebrating Indigenous Cultures
"Celebrating and Revitalizing Language: Indigenous Bilingual Children´s Books"
Presenters: Nancy Hadaway, Arlington, TX; Terrell A. Young, Brigham Young University

"Celebrating Contemporary Native American Life in Children´s Books"
Presenters: Nancy Bo Flood and Linda Boyden authors; Lafrenda Frank, Salinas Bookshelf; Sam Scinta, Fulcrum Publishing, Inc.

YA Literature in North and South Korea
"North Korean Lives: Real-life Stories in Young Adult Literature"
Presenter: G. Yeon Park, Indiana University

"Korean Graphic Novels as a Window, a Mirror, and a Door: Toward a Deeper Understanding for LGBTQ Inclusion"
Presenter: Kyoung Wan Cathy Shin, Indiana University

Transnational Humor
"PictureBookJoy: Humor in International Picture Books"
Presenter: Carolyn Angus, Claremont (CA) Graduate University

"Crossing Boundaries with Humor: Experiencing Contemporary Childhood through Humor Codes in Korean and Japanese Picture Books"
Presenters: Yoo Kyung Sung, University of New Mexico; Junko Sakoi, University of Arizona

Culture-Specific Children´s Collections
"The Status of the Bunko in Japan"
Presenter: Junko Shiozaki, Keio University. Japan

"´Masaya, Maganda, at Mahiwaga´: Rewards and Challenges of Developing a Filipino Children´s Book Collection"
Presenter: Danilo M. Baylen, University of West Georgia

Cultural Representation
"Depictions of African American and Black Culture in Graphic Literature"
Presenter: Michael Kersulov, Indiana University, Bloomington

"Hair in Children´s Literature around the World"
Presenter: Theresia Enny Anggraini, Ohio State University

Joys of the Author-Editor Relationship
Author: Andrea Cheng
Editor: Louise May

Cross-Cultural Fertilization of Folklore
"Nossa Senhora Aparecida de Brasil and Our Lady of Guadalupe of Mexico"
Presenters: Denise Davila, University of Georgia, Athens; Renata Junqueira de Souza, Universidade Estadual Paulista, São Paulo

"The Mitten Motif"
Presenters: Chelsey May Bahlmann, University of Georgia, Athens; Xiaoli Hong, University of Georgia, Athens; Oksana Lushchevska, University of Georgia, Athens

Islamic Culture
"Getting to Know ´The Other´: Muslims in Children´s Literature"
Presenter: Elsa Marston, Bloomington, IN

"Understanding Islam and Muslims through Picture Books"
Presenter: Heidi Torres, Indiana University

"BookJoy for Middle School: Poetry in Many Voices"
Presenters: Sylvia Vardell, Texas Woman´s University; David L. Harrison, Springfield, MO

The Immigrant Experience
"Finding Truths in Fiction: Immigration Stories in Korean-American Picture Books"
Presenter: Joanne Yi, Indiana University

"Exploring Journeys: The Bookjoy of Global Children´s Literature"
Presenters: Linda T. Parsons, Ohio State University, Marion; Angela Rietschin, Ohio State University, Marion; Bettie Parsons Barger, Ohio State University, Marion; Lisa Patrick, Ohio State University, Marion

See you in St. Louis,

Doris Gebel, USBBY Past President