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Minutes-RUSA History Section Executive Virtual Committee Meeting-08-05-2013

RUSA History Section Executive Virtual Committee Meeting

Monday, August 5, noon to 1 p.m. (Eastern Time)


Present:  Michelle Baildon (Chair), Mary Bogan, Nancy Bunker, Helene Lafrance (recorder), Sara Morris, Jenny Presnell, Christina Thompson

Approval of Minutes from Midwinter

We postponed the approval of Midwinter minutes to give people a chance to read them.

Update on Programs Approved for Annual 2014

-Program co-sponsored by RUSA Genealogy Committee with the RUSA STARS Education and Training Committee

Michelle will follow up by email with Sara about this program

-Program sponsored by Historical Materials Committee:

Michelle expressed concerns about the narrow topic of this program, which highlights a single oral history project from UNLV on atomic testing. She was hoping for a bigger theme, a bigger frame.   She talked to Nick Wyant about bringing other projects, maybe a Vietnamese-American history project from UC Irvine.  Other suggestions from our group included somebody from the Atomic Testing Museum, a project on nuclear waste from the University of Utah, or projects related to World War II.

After discussion, we agreed to let the program go as it is for the following reasons: 

-Sara mentioned that it’s already approved;
-It would create a bad precedent to have the executive committee order a change;
-It’s only a one-hour program (at the end of the day from 3 to 4) so there is not enough time for multiple speakers;
-It would be hard at this point to get someone to do it for free;
-The atomic testing topic might be more popular than we think, especially in Nevada.

Our recommendation is to publicize the program really well to ensure good attendance.

Information Literacy Guidelines:  Next Steps?

The Instruction and Research Services committee will be in charge of publicity in collaboration with the Communications Committee.  They also need to keep track of the new developments regarding the ACRL guidelines.  Shelley Arlen (new IRS chair) was at the ACRL discussion about the guidelines during Midwinter, so everything seems under control.

Local Arrangements Task Forces

Michelle would like to appoint two ad hoc Local Arrangements Task Forces, one for Philadelphia, one for Las Vegas, this last one being the most important because we got money from RUSA for a field trip.  We were not able to identify anybody from Las Vegas, so Michelle will go through the ALA-Connect list to find possible members.  She will also ask Nick Wyant for recommendations since he is already in touch with some folks in Las Vegas. Another suggestion was to look at someone from UNLV even if they are not RUSA members.

The local arrangements in Philadelphia should involve a dinner and an informal tour of something of interest, maybe a visit to the Special Collections at Temple University. Michelle will email David Murray to follow up on his offer to arrange for this tour.  Because there is a genealogy pre-conference scheduled, the tour should take place on Saturday or Sunday.

Action Items:

  • Michelle will contact Nick Wyant about possible members of a Las Vegas Local Arrangements Task Force.
  • Michelle will consult ALA Connect to try to identify section members in the Southwest.

History Section & Executive Committee Infrastructure

-Future days/times for conference calls:
Because our schedules are constantly changing, Michelle will use Doodle every month to find a good date. 

-Creating documentation

Michelle would like us to use ALA Connect more extensively.  Jenny and Mary will hunt for old minutes/agendas and upload them (they will contact Shelley for help).   Helene will upload the new minutes on ALA Connect after they are approved by the group.  The minutes from our virtual monthly meetings will go only on Connect, but minutes from Annual and Midwinter will be uploaded to the RUSA web page as well. Helene will contact Laura Hibbler to figure out how to do it. 

We need to get guidelines from the awards committees to put on ALA connect.  Helene will get in touch with Josh (ABC-Clio) and Mary will get in touch with Jennifer (Genealogical Publishing). Sara has received the guidelines for the Gale Cengage Learning History Research and Innovation Award from Janice Schultz.

We discussed briefly the need to create a procedure manual for our group.  Michelle suggested that we look at this example:  http://anssacrl.wordpress.com/committees/manual/   
Such a manual would be useful when our committee is evaluated.  Michelle is waiting to hear from David Lincove about the time frame for our review (sometime in 2016).   Helene, as secretary, could work on this project later on if we decide to do it.

Action Items:

  • Michelle will send a Doodle survey every month to determine time of future meetings.
  • Jenny and Mary will locate old minutes/agenda and upload them to ALA-Connect.
  • Helene will get in touch with Josh to get the guidelines and calendar/schedule for the ABC-CLIO award.
  • Mary will get in touch with Jennifer to get the guidelines and the calendar/schedule for the Genealogical Publishing award.
  • Sara will post the guidelines and the calendar/schedule for the Gale Cengage Learning History Research and Innovation Award

Roles of Executive Committee members

-Liaisons to committees:

Michelle said that, in other groups, all members of the Executive Board are liaisons to a committee. She intends to be closely working with the IRS group this year.  Other members can be liaisons to other committees. What does a liaison do exactly?  Michelle gave the example of a liaison keeping contact with a committee chair and reminding them about the need to write a report. Sara said that a liaison can give guidance but should not micro manage the chair of a committee.  Mary noticed that it would be awkward to be a liaison for a committee if she is not a member of that committee.  Right now for example, nobody on this group is also a member of the Genealogy Committee.  

We decided not to assign liaison duties at this time.  Instead we will sometimes invite committee chairs to our monthly meetings. We can also have a quarterly check-in with the chairs asking them to explain in a paragraph what they have been doing.

ALA Annual events and scheduling

-Reactions to all-committee meeting format:

Genealogy people were disappointed with the all-committee meeting format.  Mary stated that a History Section member had contacted her with concerns about being unable to attend more than one meeting because of the all-commitee format as well as a History Section Dinner and a Genealogy Committee Dinner not being held at 2013 Annual. They would prefer having separate committee meetings because some people are members of several committees (Should people be on more than one RUSA History committee?  Nobody knew exactly, but Michelle said that she did appoint people on more than one committee this year, and there are also legacy multiple appointments).  Another problem with that format is that there is too much distraction to work efficiently. If a committee is really working on a project, the members need a quiet room.

One suggestion was to have one part of the meeting all-committee and then split up in small groups. A problem would be the scheduling of the rooms.  Michelle was not sure about the scheduling process. She will touch base with Sara.  Somebody noted that there are problems with separate meetings as well since they are often scheduled at the same time.

Michelle suggested we continue with an all-committee meeting, and only schedule separate rooms for committees working on intense projects.  We can attract new people with the all committee format, and it’s easy for people to visit all the committees. We can also have food and make the event a little more social (RSS committee does that and they have a sponsor for food).  Michelle reminded us that we will now receive an annual stipend of $1500 for food and other things.  

-Awards committees at Midwinter:

Award committees are supposed to meet virtually at Midwinter, but if all members are present anyway, they should try to find a location to meet in person. Michelle will touch base with Jennifer Daugherty about this.

Action Items: 

  • Michelle will touch base with Sara regarding the scheduling process for rooms at ALA annual and mid-winter.
  • Michelle will contact Jennifer regarding the possibility of in-person meetings (rather than virtual)  for the award committees at Midwinter.

We did not have time to discuss the following agenda items:

Webinar Update

Existing roles of Executive Committee members

History Section dinners (ALA Annual  Events and Scheduling)