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Notes from ALA Annual LITA/ACRL Universal Accessibility Interest Group meeting

Notes for ACRL & LITA Universal Accessibility Interest Group meeting Monday, 7/1/2013 8:30-10am, ALA Annual, Chicago


Attendees: Christina Golm, Jeffrey Archer, Ranti Junus (LITA Chair and recorder), Helen Gbala, Mirielle Djenno, Lily Sacharow, Emily Kelly, Yao Ding, Alec McFarlane, Adina Mulliken (recorder), Debra Riley-Huff via Skype (ACRL Convener).




-Discussion of Libraries for Universal Accessibility (LUA) website and how to contribute to it.


- Next virtual meeting: July 8th, 3-5 EDT


-General discussion:


RUSA Education committee has 78 webinars this year


LITA Education committee also wants to do a webinar


Discussion of other accessibility related groups within ALA.  There's an LSPSS-ASCLA mailing list.  We talked about history of various Universal Accessibility IGs from ASCAL, ACRL, and LITA


Companies that get involved in accessibility collaboration: EBSCO and Elsevier. Work with folks at UIUC.


Jeffrey’s library is working on language about accessibility for licenses.  The Report of the ARL Joint Task Force on Services to Patrons with Print Disabilitieshttp://www.arl.org/focus-areas/copyright-ip/2342-report-of-the-arl-joint-task-force-on-services-to-patrons-with-print-disabilities-nov-2-2012 has recommended language.  Additional examples of license language are here http://connect.ala.org/node/99084

Digital Accessibility Expo is a conference in the spring. http://tigger.uic.edu/depts/oaa/disability_resources/dae2012/index.html


Emily has experience that some students prefer Hal over Jaws.


Lily‘s library has included outreach to teach faculty how to do captioning in their digital projects.  They offer captioning workshops.


On "universal access" --> push the accessibility first, not as an after thought


Possible content for LUA: cheat sheet. 




Deaf community whose ASL as 1st language to them might not always understand the language used for captioning. They would prefer live sign language.  Alec explained that he is advocating for a Deaf Cultural Library, modeled after Libraries for the Blind, that would have resources such as videos with live captioning.


Definition of "deaf": all level of hearing disability, just as Libraries for the Blind include all levels of low vision and blindness.


On "universal accessibly": think this as more than for those with disability. Example: ramp works not only for wheel chair, but also for parents with stroller, those with walkers or crutch, etc.