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Please subscribe to DIG's new listserv

Hi, Everyone,

I am happy to announce that DIG is now having an official ALA listserv (acr-igngdsal@ala.org) set up for our communication in the future. So in addition or instead of posting messages to our ALA Connect site, we could now email directly to our listservto have discussions.

In order for you to send emails and receive messages from the listserve(acr-igngdsal@ala.org), please take a few minutes to subscribe to our new listwerve through the Sympa software.

If you haven't used Sympa software before, you'll need to create a log-in and password at http://lists.ala.org.

Once there, choose the "send me a password" link (if you do not already have one) and provide the form with the email address from which you are subscribed to and/or registered as an owner of any lists.  You will receive an email with your password.  You must then use your email address as your login ID, and log in to the Sympa web interface.

Once logged in, you should see a number of discussion lists.  If not, click on 'Open Discussion Lists' and you should see acr-igngdsal@ala.org. You can also search for this discussion group in the search box.

Click on this discussion group and click on subscribe.

Please let me know if you have any questions or difficulties during the subscription process.

Thank you!