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Library Code Year interest group report - ALA Annual 2013

Since Midwinter, the Library CodeYear IG has created a GitHub repository and tutorial; run a preconference; and had a business meeting at Annual.



https://github.com/librarycodeyearig . All members are welcome to join (ask any of the members to add you) and to start and collaborate on projects.


Need to learn GitHub first?  Thanks in large part to member Eric Phetteplace, we now have a tutorial: https://github.com/LibraryCodeYearIG/Codeyear-IG-Github-Project . 12 people have learned the basics of git/GitHub using this tutorial.


We organized and ran a full-day preconference at Annual introducing the Python programming language (materials here http://librarycodeyearig.github.io/python-preconference/ ).  Approximately 40 students attended (several of whom came to the IG meeting the next day) and early feedback has been very positive.


We attracted over $1000 in sponsorship for this event from the Python Software Foundation, PA Farrington Associates, and an anonymous donor, which allowed us to offer lunch (thereby preserving instructional time for teaching more Python).  Thank you to our generous donors.


We’ve been talking with a Public Library Association conference organizer about running this event again at PLA.  You’re welcome to use the materials as well.


There were 17 attendees at our business meeting.  The primary orders of business were selecting new leadership and planning a hackathon.


Our new cochairs will be Emily Flynn, Jesse Saunders, and Chris Strauber.  (Carli Spina, Shana McDanold, Jen Young, and I are all stepping down.)  A big thank you to them for taking on this responsibility!

The interest group is also planning a hackathon for Midwinter or Annual 2014.  Led by Zach Coble, we’re exploring interest, venue, API/theme, and sponsorship.