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Announcement: TRAILtalk - new email list from the Technical Report & Archive Image Library (TRAIL)

The Technical Report Archive and Image Library (TRAIL) has a new email list, TRAILtalk.  Please subscribe!

  • TRAILtalk is intended as an information exchange about all things TRAIL. 
  • Information intended specifically for TRAIL member institutions will not be disseminated via TRAILtalk - other mechanisms are already in place for communicating with members.

Who should subscribe?

  • Anyone (whether at a TRAIL member institution or not) who wants to be part of an information exchange about all things TRAIL.
  • Anyone who wants to ask questions about the information TRAIL is sending out or about any other TRAIL-related topics.  A number of TRAIL Steering Committee members will be subscribed to TRAILtalk and will respond to questions in their areas of expertise.

How to subscribe:

  • Send Judy Alspach (jalspach@crl.edu) your name, institutional affiliation, and email address.
  • Put TRAILtalk in the subject line of your email.

TRAILtalk Guidelines

  • Any subscriber can post, but postings should have some obvious connection to TRAIL or related to technical reports.
  • Subscribers posting off-topic content, including advertising for non-TRAIL related activity, spam, etc., will be unsubscribed from the list.

Thank you and we look forward to future discussions with everyone on TRAILtalk!