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ACIG roster for 2013-2014

This is the current roster for the Authority Control Interest Group, 2013-2014. During the business meeting at ALA Annual in Chicago in June 2013, we did away with the member-at-large designations we had used in previous years.

Christina Hennessey (Chair, 2013-2014) - Cataloging Librarian, William H. Hannon Library, Loyola Marymount University

Nathan B. Putnam (Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect, 2013-2014) - Head, Metadata Resource Management & Discovery, University of Maryland

Caroline Miller (Past Chair 2013-2014) - Team Leader, Discovery Team - UCLA Library Cataloging & Metadata Center

Mark Scharff (Secretary 2013-2015) - Music Cataloger - Gaylord Music Library - Washington University in St. Louis

Richard Guinn (Member-at-Large 2012-2014) - Technical Services Librarian, University of Texas, School of Public Health Library

Elaine Winske (Member-at-Large 2012-2014) - Authorities & Database Maintenance Librarian - Florida International University Green Library

Robert Rohrbacher (Member-at-Large 2013-2015) - Social Sciences & Government Documents Cataloger - Stanford University Libraries

Nancy Sack (Member-at-Large 2013-2015) – Cataloging Librarian, University of Hawaii at Manoa

Tatyana Chubaryan (Member-at-Large 2013-2015) – Senior Lecturer, University Libraries, Texas A&M

Jennifer Sweda (Member-at-Large 2013-2015) – Social Sciences Cataloging Librarian, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

Nate Cothran (Member-at-Large 2013-2015) – Vice President, Automation Services,Backstage Library Works

Suzhen Chen (ACIG Web Coordinator 2012-2014) - Bibliographic/Metadata Services - Kelvin Smith Library, Case Western Reserve University

Raymond Schmidt (Liaison from Music Library Association) - Manager of Cataloging and Metadata - Wellesley College