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Presentations from ALA Annual 2013: Revealing information about our collections: Taking a closer look

This program highlighted four different approaches to evaluating and assessing collections:

  • Using SCOPUS To Study Citing Behavior For Collection Development
    Irene Ke, Psychology & Social Work Librarian
    University of Houston

  • Using Acquisitions, Circulation, and ILL Data to Study Collection Practices
    Forrest E. Link, Acquisitions Librarian
    The College of New Jersey Library

  • What’s the Big Deal? Collection Evaluation at the National Level
    Clare Appavoo, Executive Director Officer
    Canadian Research Knowledge Network

  • Mine or theirs, where do users go? A comparison of collection usage at locally hosted platforms versus publisher platforms
    Juleah Swanson, Acquisitions Librarian for Electronic Resources
    Ohio State University Libraries

The presentations are attached.