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2013 Annual Meeting Minutes

ALA / EBSS Committee Meeting Notes

Date: July 7, 2013

Committee name: ERIC Users Committee

Name of person submitting meeting notes: Sara Holder

Members present: Sara Holder (outgoing Chair), Beth Broyles, Mary E. Cassner, Judy Walker, Sarah Baker (incoming Chair)

Members excused: Christopher V. Hollister, Carol Lunce, Arlene V. Salazar

Guests: Erin Pollard (Department of Education project officer for ERIC), Kate Corby, Pamela Tripp-Melby (Director, National Library of Education)

Time and place convened: Saturday, June 29, 10:30, Hyatt Regency Chicago, Grand B

Convener: Sara Holder


Approval of notes from prior meeting: Mary moved to approve the minutes from the MidWinter Virtual Meeting, Judy seconded. Minutes were approved unanimously.

Agenda items

1. Additions to the agenda: There were no additions requested.

2. Update on progress of change to Committee mandate/name: Sara sent a letter to EBSS Exec. Chair Vanessa Earp requesting that they approve the change to the committee's mandate. The request will appear on the Exec. Committee's agenda for their annual meeting.

4. ERIC Users Forum details/preparation: ERIC presentation will take place Sunday 1-2:30, McCormick Place Rm. N127. Attendance could be affected by other programs happening at the same time. Presentation content is outlined in item #5.

5. ERIC updates (in brief):

-Erin will start with brief overview of ERIC for any new users in the audience. She will then talk about the full text shut down (what happened, what they are doing) and give a preview of the plan for next 4 years (spending resources on getting the majority of documents online as quickly as possible). Seh will talk about changes coming to ERIC - beginning of August there will be a new website (basic at first with enhancements to come (developed by IES - moving from a contractor hosted site to a government hosted site) and in the longer-term there will be the addition of topical overviews for novice users and the public (e.g., bullying, autism) with links to ERIC articles and other entries. The relationship with vendors is not likely to change (EBSCO, ProQuest, etc. will still offer ERIC). The contractor will recommend a selection policy, the government will approve and/or amend (in concert with experts from the advisory group), and the journals list will then be re-evaluated. They expect to choose the contractor mid-July. The new website should be up early August

-Pamela will talk about open access to government funded research and its relationship with ERIC (as it is a natural place to warehouse the resulting publications).

6. Questions from the committee:

- What is Pamela's role with the NLE? Managing the open access issue (working with two IES research scientists) and reviewing the mandate of the NLE. Determining the future of ERIC.

- Will there be an ERIC presentation at MidWinter? Perhaps, because the meeting is in Philadelphia (close to Washington DC). There would also be the possibility of a virtual MW presentation.

7. Committee changes for the coming year: Judy, Mary & Beth are staying on (as well as Arlene who was not present); Sara H. is rotating off as Chair and Sarah B. is rotating on. There will be four new members joining as well.

8. Other business: There was no other business.

Time adjourned: 10:58 a.m.


               Motions: Motion to approve minutes from the MidWinter meeting was passed unanimously.

               Action items: If it is not communicated directly to the incoming Chair, Sara H. will pass the decision of the EBSS Executive Committee regarding the expanded ERIC Users Committee mandate on to Sarah B.