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ALSC School Age Programs and Services Meeting Minutes - Annual 2013, Chicago

Annual Conference 2013

Meeting Minutes

Chicago, Sheraton Ballroom 5

June 30, 2013 8:30am

In attendance:

Sarah Stippich

Claire Moore

Elizabeth Rosania

Kimberly Castle-Alberts

Patricia Clingman

Sarah Abercrombie

Karen Choy



Barbara Klipper, Priority Group Consultant

Gaye Hinchliff, Incoming Member

Diane Janoff (Queens Public Library), Interested ALSC Member

Sharon Verbeten, Editor of Children & Libraries


  • Hello and Introductions

  1. Incoming Committee Chair - Sarah Abercrombie

  2. Updates from Leadership and ALSC Meeting

  • Recap of Committee’s Previous work

    1. Best Books for School-Age Children List

    2. Recommended Tween Reads from 2012 Newbery/CSK/Belpre Awards

    3. Kickstart Your Programming list/article/blog posts

    4. ALSC Summer Reading List (with Quicklists Committee)

  • Recap of Current work

    1. Common Core Resources

    2. Ongoing Blog Posts

  • Future work

    1. Common Core Resources

      1. Section on ALSC site

      2. Article in Children & Libraries? Sharon invited us to submit articles or columns.

      3. Plug in with AASL

    2. Best Books for School-Age Children List? It’s about time to look into doing this list again, as they have been done every 2 years.

    3. Blog Posts

      1. June - Beth Rosania: Partnerships with schools

      2. July - Pat Clingman - Caldecott Programs

      3. August - Claire Moore

      4. September - Kim Castle-Alberts

    4. Invitation to write article or column for Children & Libraries

      1. Common Core

      2. Afterschool Programs at Libraries

      3. Programming for Kids with Autism

    Conversation and Brainstorming

    • Common Core - What is our next step?

    • Art Programming in the library

    • Programming for kids with autism - Barbara Klipper is a consultant for this!

    • LEGO Programming, both with LEGO Mindstorms and just LEGO blocks

    • Afterschool at the Library - Which libraries have homework help and who does it? Volunteers/Teen Employees/Librarians... This could be worth researching and perhaps writing a Children & Libraries article. (Urban vs. Suburban perspectives)