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2013 conference committee meeting minutes

Attached (and below) are the draft meeting minutes from the 2013 conference committee meeting. Thanks for your contributions!


AASL/ACRL Interdivisional Committee on Information Literacy Meeting Minutes, June 30, 2013


Present: S. Mandernack, L. Farmer, K. Dobda, J. Fabbi, G. Jackson-Brown, M. Keeling, C. Schmidt, K. Stewart


The meeting was convened at 1:05pm by Lesley Farmer and Scott Mandernack (Hyatt Regency Chicago).

Committee members introduced themselves, and incoming member Grace Jackson-Brown was welcomed. Jen Fabbi is incoming co-chair (ACRL). Lesley will ask AASL who their co-chair selectee is. Outgoing members – Kathy, Lesley and Scott – were thanked for their work.

The agenda and minutes were approved as written.

Lesley shared updates about ALA/ACRL.

  • ACRL is revising their information literacy standards, and Lesley is on the task force. Our committee members are encouraged to provide input.
  • UNESCO is developing a publication of core information literacy resources by country. Lesley is co-chairing the U.S. task force, and is encouraging our committee members are encouraged to provide input within the month.
  • The NSSE (National Survey of Student Engagement) includes four questions about library engagement; the questions will be provided as an optional module.
  • AASL continues to offer L4L documents. AASL is also examining senior high school student capstone research activities.

The Information Literacy Toolkit needs more content, particularly for transition efforts and policies/programs. Resources can be in the form of a document or URL; a brief annotation can be added for clarification. All members need to contribute to the website: http://aaslacrlinfolittoolkit.wikispaces.com/ for it to be approved at the mid-winter meeting. Pages were renamed. Lesley will continue to coordinate the toolkit. Cynthia will create a suggestion form, which the committee will review; this form can help keep the site current. The coordinating committee will be asked about website transference to an ALA site.

The 2013 conference proposal “Meeting of the Minds: How Information Literacy Links Common Core and General Education Standards” was not accepted by ACRL or AASL, partly because of unit communication issues; EBSS had a program session for 2014 that fit this committee’s charge (and wasn’t communicated to the committee until May). The committee wants to propose a program session for 2014: Common Core and General Education: Information Literacy connects the dots.” “This session maps information literacy onto the Common Core State Standards and the AACU essential learning outcomes, and discusses how librarians can support these standards through information literacy instruction.” Jen will be the point person for the session proposal. The deadline is probably Oct. 1.

 The committee will recommend to the Student Learning and Information Literacy committee to create a position paper about the importance of college-ready students, and the need for school librarians in order to facilitate student competence.

A proposal for new content in the Information Literacy Immersion Program that focuses on the high school – college transition will be explored.  Jen will contact the chair of the Immersion Program committee to inquire about the process.

Jason Dupree continues as listserv administrator; his term is up for renewal next year.

Lesley submitted the committee annual report for AASL and Scott will submit a report to ACRL.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:45pm.


Submitted by Lesley Farmer

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Lesley and committee,

'EBSS had a program session for 2014 that fit this committee’s charge (and wasn’t communicated to the committee until May)" should be 2013 instead of 2014.